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There used to be an option to see a list of threads in which I participated. I can’t find with the new software. Does it exist?



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No, Gordon’s indications only allow you to see the topics you have started, and the summary page list your participation by replies and not topics.

I agree there should be a way to view our participation in a list organized by topics, and I made this observation to @ErikGun a few weeks ago.

Hopefully Discourse takes a look at it and provide this functionality.

Gordon, thanks. That one is only for the Topics I started, but the one below (Replies) is exactly what I was looking for.

Fixed the illustration.


“Replies” will show you any post you made replying to a specific post/user, “All” will show you all your post in descending chronological order, I would have liked to see a list of topics in which I have participated, listed by topic title and not the individual replies.

The forum does not support that at present.

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I understand, and yes, it would be nice to have.


My reply was not about your illustration, but rater my observation that I would prefer to see the topics listed by title and not the individual posts, it would make it easier to browse the list, just my 2¢.

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Well, it served to have me fix it anyway, so thanks!


How do you do those fancy crops? They look cool.


Also, count me as another vote for this missing functionality please. I want @bendrix back!

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As Sanjay said, SnagIt.

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Really cool software, but $50? :thinking:

Did you mean to say 0.05 AMU?


Its Worth it!

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Is it really… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As evidenced by my unrepentant UPDT-ness (17 years and going), I’m thrifty. But I purchased Snagit mainly motivated by @gordonf’s frequent mentions on COPA. I use it regularly (say, at least once or twice a week). I’ve even paid for an upgrade or two. Definitely been a worthwhile investment for preparing presentations.

I don’t switch my fuel tanks according to Gordon’s supposed “method”. Mine is more like… “hmmm. has been an hour? I think it has. Right?” Nor do I performatively pet peeves in public, or (re)position photos for phun. So it’s not like I’m a Gordon fanboy. But he’s right about Snagit.


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