Filter out threads?

Is there a way to filter out a thread or ignore it so it doesn’t show up in your view? We’ve had some threads get a bit ugly lately and I don’t want to know about any more updates.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the topic, or category, you can change the option of tracking or watching to normal or muted.

Levels of tracking, from less to more:

  • Muted: The user will not be notified about changes, and the topic(s) will not appear in their “Latest”.
  • Normal: The user will be notified when someone mentions them or replies to their post/comment.
  • Watching first post (in tags and categories): Normal + the user will be notified about new topics created.
  • Tracking: Normal + in tags and categories the user will track all topics + a count of new replies will be shown in lists.
  • Watching: Tracking + the user will receive a notification for every comment.

Perfect, thanks!

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