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@ErikGun I know you answered this a couple of years ago, when the new forums were introduced, but since I can’t find My Posts, and only My Posts, I can’t find your prior answer of how to weave and bob, click and search, and eventually get a list of just the posts I’ve posted. I did look in the FAQ, and its obvious from the searching I did of the menus that the promised quick link to My Posts has not yet been implemented. So accept my apology for a second request, but could you please once again explain how to generate a list of My Posts, and would you consider adding that feature (back) as a choice in the menu, along with New and Unread etc? Thanks

Hello Bendrix-

You can browse all your activity by clicking on your Avatar in the upper right hand corner of the page followed by the user icon to the far right of the pulldown menu that will appear, and then selecting activity.

Here is a direct link to your activity:


The forum software will also allow you to search your posts from the advanced search functions page.


Hello Hans, thank you for your suggestion but that’s exactly what I don’t want because all my “activity” includes all my responses to other posts, and sometimes I’d like to just call up an old post of mine if information needs adding.

Before the change in the website the forum had a button named “My Posts” and it did just that; gave you a list of your posts in chronological order. The new website eliminated that feature, who knows why, and the last time I raised this question (more of a complaint) I was told to watch for that feature to be added in.

I just want a chronological list of all the posts I’ve ever made. :slight_smile:

PS: The advanced search, when I supplied my name as the only search criteria, did produce a list that included my posts, but had others. I want a list with just the posts I originated.

In your summary, it will have a stat that says “XYZ posts created”. Clicking this will list all your posts.

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By posts are you referring to topics you created?

If so that list may be found here: Bendrix/topics

Great advice and help. Thank you.


It looks like @hanstb already got you covered. However I am providing the Links above so they will work for everyone not just directly to your page:

Here are those Links:

All Post/Reply’s/etc:

Topics you created:

Your Replies:

Topics Read:

All these can be found under the Summary pages for your Profile:


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