KMQY Wednesday Arrivals for M15

As you probably know the plan is to park our aircraft on taxiway Hotel and runway 01/19 which requires the closure of that runway for the event. The TAF for KMQY Wednesday is 190-9 4SM 007OVC from 04:00 to 14:00 local. The airport folks have agreed to keep 01/19 open for Wednesday only allowing the full RNAV 19 approach with minimums of 880-1 (400 agl). This is much better than the 700 agl minimums for the circle to land approach for 14. The forecast for Thursday looks better with lighter winds that are more westerly allowing the use of RW 32. Wednesday arrivals will park on taxiway Juliet or the west ramp. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the update! From what I can see, weather gets better into Thursday and will stay nice, with relatively light winds through Sunday.

Thanks for your work with coordinating our arrivals and departures!


I was able to find what I needed, so I deleted my questions. I couldn’t figure out a way to delete my post entirely, however. Looking forward to attending my first Migration.


My pleasure Andy.