Keeping Cirrus outside

Getting closer to buying a Cirrus. I am bi-coastal and keep my plane every place in between…

It works out better for me to keep my plane outside. I cannot find hangars for 3 months here and there.

For those of you who keep your plane outside have there been any noticable issues with cracks in the structure?

I currently use a larger fuselage cover on my Mooney and would do the same on the Cirrus.

I have noticed a lot of Cirrus airplanes parked outside for years with no cover. Not sure why someone would do that.

What are the major corrosion spots for metal parts and spots where on a Cirrus you see airframe cracks develop?

Sun the most damage to the interior/exterior.

Salt air will get into the mechanics/electrical.

It took me 8 months to get my plane to a hangar at my local airport.

I hangared the plane in another county and even rented a tiedown at my airport to get on the wait list.

I see several Cirrus at Caldwell NJ and Van Nuys that have gone years without a cover…

I don’t understand the logic in that…but I m sure these owners will want top dollar when it comes time to sell…

I have a friend who kept his Cirrus outside in the Washington DC area for 10 years. Logistically, he really had no choice. He recently had a beautiful repaint by Ross & Co. I admit it seems a shame to leave it outside – and he thought so too. But he did not feel too bad because when he did the math the savings on hangar rental easily paid for the 10-year re-paint, and then some.

Now, his plane looks better than new. Good for another 10 years or more!

Being a mostly composite Airframe corrosion issues are less common than other airframes. Only a few parts have shown any problems with corrosion. Flap pylons are one, but only in very corrosive environments.

UV is a larger concern. The composite materials it is constructed of can be damaged by it. For example, there is a minimum thickness required for the paint to protect it. Sometimes a hangar is so uneconomical a paint job every 10 years is cheaper as Jim pointed out. A cover is a smart idea.


My SR20 was outside for 10 years before the Midwest magical makeover (all new paint, all new interior).

A tiedown at VNY is $300/mo. A regular hangar is $1,000/mo. Over 10 years, that’s $84,000 more for a hangar, which was more than double my Midwest makeover.

Also, my plane was on leaseback, which is not conducive to pulling in and out of a remote hangar on each flight several times a day.

Note: I’m now off leaseback, have a cheap sub-let hangar, and am very happy [;)]

I totally understand keeping it outside for the money saving vs a hangar…My question is why would an owner keep it outside with no cover? That is what does not make sense…laziness perhaps?

When you lease a tie down space from an FBO, there are no covers permitted on their ramp.

I am talking about a cover from Bruce or another company…

This thread should die…feel like I am running into a brick wall…