A Cirrus without a Hangar

Hi All,

Am considering a Cirrus purchase. Unfortunately, there are no hangars within 40 miles. Can a Cirrus be stored outside on a routine basis? And if so what are the worries. It does get over 100° degrees here (but I guess a hangar would be as hot, if not hotter).



My last annual was $1200 but I have a new plane and extra parts were under warranty. The Service Manual anticipates about 18 hours of labor for the routine inspection. Multiply that but your local shop’s rate. We have a great service center that charges a flat rate which we all appreciate.

Most folks in my area of the Mid Atlantic keep their planes outside. It is easier to keep them clean ans fly in the winter when in a hanger but there is no problems with heat keeping a plane outside unless you live where it routinely gets over 100 degrees.

Rick; You didn’t say where you are from so I am not sure how hot is hot. At 100 degrees, you Cirrus should be fine. I live in Miami and have never had a problem. It is advisable to get an aircraft cover to keep the cockpit out of the direct sun light.

Although I must warn you. If you fly inland in the summer, where temperatures can soar, your aircraft might melt. Here is a picture of a demo aircraft which was taken to Orlando during the summer. Please note. The stripes melt off first.


For the past 4 years I’ve kept my planes outside at SQL without a problem. The only measures I take are a cockpit cover, cowl plugs, and pitot cover (all from Bruce’s), a WingwaxersCalifornia Duster to remove grit before flight. Do be sure to latch the doors properly; I know of one member who’s partner left one of the pins unengaged before a winter storm so that the plane filled with water and a number of avionics were ruined by condensation. I don’t know if the plane had a cockpit cover on at the time.


I keep my A/C in Singapore outside as well , temperature very close to 100 F everyday. I use a heavy cockpit cover made of sunbrella material from Cunningham cover and the cockpit is never hot inside. To protect the A/C from the soots and other chemical carried by the rain, I applied two coatings of REJEX and let it cured for 12 hours on the whole A/C, nice wax finish. The greasy stuff doesn’t stick to the paint as much as before when the A/C was just waxed and I now just wash the A/C with plain water.


Funny Rick, I’ve got a hangar and no plane (or partner)…want to move to NJ (MJX)?

Thanks Brian,

There are 15-20 days a year where it gets over 100° (Northern CA) and the summer is routinely in the mid-high 90’s. Should I be concerned about keeping it outside here?


Looking round the ramp at Palo Alto there must be a couple of dozen Cirruses kept outside. (Hangars are don’t-even-think-about-it, price and waiting time wise). I can’t comment on whether this is a good idea or not, since I don’t have one, but it does look like most people don’t consider it a big problem.


I parked my Cirrus on a very black tarmac in Mississipi in the summer. The reported temps were 96 and I guarantee you that the air above that black pavement was a lot hotter. I felt the top and bottom of the wings to see how they felt and both seemed cool to the touch. The leather interior was a mite toasty!

As far as paint and avionics, I don’t believe that the Cirrus will have problems greater than any other GA aircraft.

SQL? I would have figured that SQL would be up in Redmond, and you’d be landing at OCL.

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