M13 - the word is "land long" at Addison


During our telecon with TRACON yesterday, the Addison Tower suggested that everyone expect to go nearly to the end of the runway before turning off onto a taxiway. (They’ll tell you where to exit.) In other words, don’t put it on the numbers and try and make the first turnoff. Expect to “land long”. Why? We will be parking at several different FBO locations. And, our host Millionaire will coordinate with Addison Ground as necessary to provide “follow me” service to an appropriate parking area. All we have to do is let Addison know that we’re part of the COPA group, and we’ll get special handling. [H] Please do not proceed directly to any particular parking area despite any local knowledge that you might have. As areas fill up, Millionaire will adjust accordingly and route planes to a different location. Trying to taxi opposite direction when you discover that your favorite area is full will be like swimming against the tide - not good. [:P]



Just a “bump” to move the post up & remind everyone that Addison’s single runway will be pretty busy with our arrivals. They will want you get off the runway toward the departure end. So, either land long (the Tower will probably request it if they know you are with COPA) or keep you taxi speed up while on the runway - don’t dwadle. Once you are clear of the runway, just follow directions to the current tie-down area. Easy-peasy!



Here is a story of unintended consequences.

At PDK (A very busy Atlanta GA airport for those that aren’t familiar), the airport repaved one of the parallel runways. This meant that all traffic had to use one runway and there were no intermediate taxiways. I was giving an IPC to a client and was a bit surprised to hear the ATIS suggest that pilots “land long” for minimum time on the runway. I said to myself, “I bet this goes very wrong at least once this week”.

I met my client and we fired up. Finished with the runup and finally advanced to the number one position for take off; waiting for a Cessna 172 to land. I noted to my client that the Cessna appeared to be taking the ATIS advice in earnest as he was a good 500’ above the threshold. At mid-point, he was still about 100’ up. I told my client that I wasn’t sure he could make it from there. Well, he proved me wrong. He made it and the resultant tire smoke from the locked up brakes popped his right main and he could not get the plane off the runway. After waiting for 45 minutes we gave up and went to the downwind for lunch. I don’t know how much extra jet fuel was burned in the Challenger and Gulfstream that diverted. I don’t know how much inconvenience the passengers of the 6 jets behind us experienced. All because of a simple ATIS message.

We had a fine lunch and rescheduled the IPC for the next day. Guess what was missing from the remarks section of the ATIS message?

Be careful. I will bring an extra tire to Addison, just in case.

First off, I am not trying to go against the spirit of this request. But… I was wondering how the safety gurus here feel about asking folks to take a nice long runway and turn it into a short one. This is not a procedure that most people practice every day. It is one thing to know you have 3000 feet of runway to land on safely and to take a 7000 foot runway and turn it into a 3000 foot landing space. This is a single runway airport and I don’t think any of us would like to close the airport for some unplanned closure due to a Cirrus trying to be a “good guy”. Remember all those things that don’t do you any good in aviation? Fuel in the gas pump, altitude above you, runway behind you. Not trying to make trouble here , just asking the question. Is this what is best for safety? I’m the new guy here so let me have it. I just want to make people think…



Both you and Trip certainly make good points. I don’t think that “land long” means turn a 7203’ runway into something that requires short-field technique, however. Just don’t aim for the numbers and then toodle down 6,500+’ of runway at a slow taxi. [;)] Personally, unless the Tower gives me a directive (or request) to the contrary, I’ll fly a normal pattern and use my normal speed on final (77 kias - 1 kt/100# under MGW) except I’ll carry a little extra power on final to reduce my descent rate. And, I’ll aim ~1/3 of the way down the runway. If the Tower allowed an early base turn (and I have no idea if they would), I’d simply choose an aiming point ~1/3 of the way down the runway and do everything that I normally do. That would effectively turn the runway length into ~4,800’, plenty long for me. Of course, YMMV.

On a related note, weather permitting, I’ll probably fly VFR from Chandler, AZ (with Flight Following) and stop at some little place in TX (possibly E11) for fuel. That implies that I’ll arrive at KADS ~500# under MGW. So, I’ll make the speed on short final be ~72-73 kias. That way, I won’t float and will keep the ground roll reasonably short without excessive use of the brakes. [:D]

I just chatted with Tim Valentine about a different M13 topic, and he happened to mention that coming from the west as I will, ATC may vector me over the top of DFW. Cool! [H]

Great input. Do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. You are Pilot In Command.

I was being interviewed for a FAA Wings broadcast today. I had Pete Combs aviation reporter in the left seat on short final. We were cleared for landing runway 15.

We had a Cessna trainer in front of us. We told Tower we could not comply and we wanted a go around. The tower realized their mistake and cleared us for a right 360. They apologized and sequenced us back into line.

Bottom line is fly your plane in the manner you are comfortable with. Use as much or as little of the runway as you desire.

Have fun guys and be safe.

Ha ha. That has been my experience several times at KADS. How slow can you fly? [:D]

I had full flaps and flying at 80k - still was overtaking him.

And those Cessna trainers are not quick leaving the runway either…

LOL! Remember back when we were student pilots? Taxi speeds seemed fast! [;)] And, roll-out on landing…