Insurance FYI

I recently had my AOPA agent quote insurance through Associated Aviation Underwriters (AAU). Their quote was so much lower than my current carrier (US Specialty) that we switched immediately and saved $4000.00. We only had our original company 5 months but it was worth the $600 cancellation penalty to save $4K. Granted, the three of us that own the plane acquired quite a bit of in-type time and one of my partners came a lot closer to the 200 hours most insurance companies want. I know that made a difference on the new quote. I just wanted to share the fact that sometimes canceling a policy can be well worth it before the 12 months are over. We also lowered our deductible as well. See below;

US Specialty premium $6357.00
In motion Deductible $11,250.00

Associated Aviation Underwriters $2300.00
In motion $250.00

I was told AAU also insures the Cirrus factory planes



Who is your broker ?


I believe he said in the post AOPA was his BROKER!