SR20 Insurance Availability/Rates

Could someone review the more recent insurance market experience?

Could someone review the more recent insurance market experience?

On the “why not start looking into it” principle, I checked Avemco and USAig/AOPA. At first glance, the latter seems a better deal. They were offering a better price for better coverage. Specs:

  • Me: 375 hours, IFR.

  • Plane for quote: 20 rather than 22. Don’t expect to have hangar available.

  • Coverage: hull for $200k, liability of $1m with (I think) $200k per-passenger sublimit. Medical=$3k per passenger

  • Deductible: 0 from AIG, some high number from Avemco.

At the end of that, Avemco’s quote was well above $4000 a year (for coverage with big deductible), and USAig’s was just at $3000 (for no deductible).

When I finally get around to doing this, I’ll probably look for a high-deductible policy, but USAig/AOPA will be the place I’ll start.

People with actual planes can give more specific answers.

AVEMCO quote was $4832, and had a $500 deductible for damage. $1m total liability, $100k sublimit per person.

What I’ve been calling the USAig quote actually came via AOPA and I’ll switch to calling it that. It was for $3159, no deductible (versus $500). $1m total liability, $200k per person sublimit (versus $100k).

In other words, the AOPA policy is both cheaper and better.

Only explanation I can see, apart from plain old “one’s a better deal,” is that the AOPA questionnaire shows me having some time in “make and model,” from having flown the plane before, while Avemco does not. But I still stick to the “one’s a better deal” theory.