Insurance company in France

Hello there.
Any good advice for an affordable insurance company for a SR22 G3 , with partial hull loss, in France or Western Europe ?
Besides that, it seems owners never get damage Insurance coverage for the full amount they paid for purchasing their second hand Cirrus, but for a fraction of it.
Anyone knows which fraction of the actual transaction is usually insured ?( e.g. you just bought your used Cirrus 400,000 , for which amount would you ask the insurance company to cover it as far as damages/hull loss are concerned?)

At least in Germany if the agreed value is 400K and if that price reflects the used airplane prices on the market then you will get the 400 K if you total the airplane. In most cases the airplane or its leftovers is then sold by the insurance company.

I got a full coverage for the cost of purchase of my plane.
There are several insurance companies.
I using HDI Global SE. If you need a contact I can provide.

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I am based in the UK and use Visicover

I don’t know if they will insure an aircraft in France but they have been good to work with in the UK.

When my aircraft was written off following my CAPS pull last year the claim for the full agreed hull value was settled quickly and with minimum hassle.


Thanks for your reply.
Yes please forward me the contact details of the insurance companies you mentioned in your mail.
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Francois Adam

only UK, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway or Sweden

Mr. Baumgartner has taken my SR22T (D-EUCK).

Any German company in particular you would recommend ?

François Adam

Vielen dank Dieter

Hello John
Thanks for the advice.
Will take a look


Fr Adam

Ah thanks, I didn’t realise that!

Francois, mine is pretty good:

Max Baumgartner , Leiter Luftfahrt-Vertrag M-HDI.GSU-A.GS | HDI Global SE Region SĂĽdost Niederlassung MĂĽnchen, Ganghoferstr. 37 -39, 80339 MĂĽnchen, Germany | Telefon +49 89 9243-293, Mobil +49 171 8122548, Telefax +49 511 645-1153839 | E-Mail |


Received with thanks.



And BTW, Francois, congrats on the new bird!

suis assuré par VERSPIEREN depuis 15 ans. Bon service.
Je vous mets en relation par e-mail.

They don’t

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Bonjour Louis Bernard

Merci , je suis preneur du mail de Verspieren.
Pas encore acheté l’avion , mais J’anticipe…!


François, it’s time to subscribe to COPA, best money you’ll spend on anything aviation.
An incredible wealth of knowledge and friendship await you on the other side.
Thomas Goulard
Or Isabelle Leconte
+33 2 77 38 74 21

And urgently buy your aircraft as soon as you can.
Enough wait. If you can afford it, time without your aircraft is time wasted.

Thanks LB.
I’m usually reluctant to browse - let alone subscribe - to forums of any kind , but it might be worth a try regarding COPA.
I’ve made 2 offers for 2 distinct SR22s but those guys think their aircraft is the 8th marvel of the world , and quibble for a few thousand euros.
Thanks for Verspieren contact by the way .


François Adam

If you plan to own a Cirrus airplane, then there is really no way to do it without COPA. The first technical problem your shop has never heard about – and you’ll be here anyway.

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