IFR Training

I am looking for a good place to get good training for a 7 day IFR course in my SR22. I wish to go to a school / facility that specializes in Cirrus that is located on the west coast or 400 miles + - . If anyone has had an exceptional experience getting their ticket, please let me know who I should look up.

I recco you call UND at Cirrus and arrange to have an instructor meet you wherever you want, hire him for the time you want, and have at it. They are fantastic and know our plane/systems inside and out!

Another good recommendation is The Flight Academy in Las Vegas. They have one of our full-motion Cirrus simulators that will significantly enhance your training experience. They will be able to include some emergency training (including a CAPS pull) that you just can’t do anywhere else.

Jim Campbell could probably do it. He’s a COPA member, a cirrus owner and based in VNY or Whiteman. He’s contact info is at the member’s side.