430 Training

To Cirrus owners,

I would like to recommend the 430 training course offered by
www.avionicswest.com in Santa Maria, Ca. Having been a SR 22 driver for 2
months, I found the 430’s to be my weakest link. Their training course was
a step by step eye opener to the operation of the 430/530. I discovered
things that I didn’t know existed, wasn’t shown by instructors, or just to
lazy to READ. They have working 430/530’s on the tables for each student
and you can twist and push all day. It has really made my 430 user
friendly. The course is offered in two parts, VFR on the first day, IFR on
the second. You don’t have to take them on the same weekend. I have
completed the VFR and will fly for a month and then return for the IFR with
my list of questions.

monterey ,ca