Getting Back into the left seat advice

I am an ex owner of a SR22 and haven’t flown in about 2 years and ready to get back to it. I am looking for advice on getting recurrencey training, or at least thats what I think I would call it. I live near Scranton PA and my options are horrible for getting into a Cirrus. I was thinking I would just bite the bullet and go somewhere out of state for a few days to train/immersion. Has anyone done this and if so do you have any advice as well as recommendation as to locations where I could find this type of set up. I have only found one thus far, but haven’t looked extensively. The goal in the next. year or two would be to purchase once again. Thank you for the help!

What type of training do you want? Just a refresher in any plane? Avionics updates? Basic stick and rudder skills? Any Cirrus Training cenetr has SR22s or even an SR 20 to rent. They tend to be new airplanes so you pay a premium for them.

If you sinmply want a place away from hoem to train more economically, you can train in an SR20 with air conditioning in South Carolina!

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Hey Brian!
Good to hear from you, it’s been a while.
Scranton, huh? That’s a bit of a hike. But if I can be of help in this process, let me know.

I was in a similar boat, Western NY, but much longer out of the cockpit. I had just bought a Cirrus so I did my Embark training with a semi local CSIP. He wasn’t available at one point and I needed a Cirrus instructor so I found Take Flight Aviation down your way in Montgomery, NY KMGJ. I know they have 20’s, not sure on 22’s. Happy to share the CFI’s contact info.

similar story: my training involved Embark with a new plane (new to me anyways). good flights with an amazing CSIP was the perfect recipe for knocking off the rust in my own plane.

I just went through this situation. I had a cirrus from 2010 to 2016. I sold it for a Cessna 414 that I kept until November 2021. I wanted to get back to a Cirrus. The club I joined wanted my Cirrus training certificate for insurance purposes. I too the training in 2010 but at that time cirrus relied on the instructor’s to keep the certificates. I couldn’t find my completion certificate nor did the instructor save a copy nor did cirrus have any records. I had to go back through the certification process. It was accelerated because my I had over 800 hours in an SR22 but never the less, I had to get certified. So, if you’re renting, the club may require to get certified again. I live in Columbus Ohio and capital City Aviation did a great job training me. Look into the club and insurance requirements. The training on the perspective plus was worth it despite the number of hours you may have.

Hi Brian,

There are two good options in the NY area that might be worth considering. Melman Aviation out of KHPN has a fair sized, recent fleet and good trainers. I also recommend @Alexander_Wolf who is out of Bridgeport but may be able to come to you for a day or two of intensive training. You’ll find a bunch of COPA members have availed themselves of his services (myself included) and he can very quickly get you current again. Good luck!!

Hi there,

Feel free to reach out at

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Hey Andy - Yup - all kinds of life changes and nothing is out of the question at this point. I will keep you in the loop.

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