instrument training

can anyone recommend a school in the states( anywhere) where i can do an instrument rating?

Hi James,

Not sure where you are located, but I did my instrument training at American Flyers in Dallas. They are located all over the country. I did their ten day program. In reality, it is ten days of flight (day and night), three days of ground school and one day for the checkride.

It is an intensive two weeks, but it allows you to concentrate and finish quickly.


Ted Revis


I know several fine flight instructors who will work one on one to help you in training for your instrument rating. Contact me via and it would be my pleasure to discuss this with you.

You probably specifically want to do it in a Cirrus (given the the nature of this forum), but if not, I highly recommend Seattle Flight ( at KBFI. They offer a truly fixed price course, great instructors, and this part of the country has plenty of actual IMC.

If you are looking to do it in a Cirrus, Wings Aloft at KBFI has a number of SR-20s and -22s.

Mike Frantz

I wholeheartedly recommend Wings Aloft. Speak to Kevin Henderson about the 14 day course. I had a very good experience with them this summer, getting cheked out and renting a Cirrus. I plan to go back to do my Instrument rating.

I used an ex-PIC instructor, Bill Zaleski for my instrument training last August. I had about 1000 hours (mostly in my ercoupe) before my partner & I picked up our SR20 in mid-July. I got about 35 hours on it before I started with Bill. I completed my IFR rating in 8 days in the SR20 with Bill (I took the written in May). I highly recommend Bill. He is a character, but very professional in the plane. He works out of ALB and typically you go to him (vs the other way around with PIC). His web site is

I just got my IR in KISSIMEE Florida with American Flyers.
Very nice people.
i was very happy to go back to Belgium and be able to fly IFR wit my SR20.

James, I just finished my IFR training from Dave Lammers. Dave is a very proficient pilot. He is retired from Rockwell, and is very active with EAA. He attended the Cirrus flight school with me last August, and currently has over 70 hours of instruction in a SR22. He will travel to your home to train if desired. Traveling with a certified flight simulator. Dave is an excellent pilot, and an outstanding instructor. He is proficient with the complex avionics in the Cirrus. You can reach him at 319-377-1425, or

Happy Flying, Mike

I highly recommend the concentrated 10-14 day programs…American Flyers is a good one, I hear. I used Professional Instrument Courses (PIC); their ads are in most of the trade press. The instructor was excellent…head-over-heels better than any I’d had up to that point in my training

Ted, I’m thinking of using American Flyers for my instrument in Santa Monica, how was your experience and what was the cost. I did my private there too.

I did a 10 day course with PIC (really 9 days + checkride).

I am in favor of ‘immersion’ training, but I thought 9 days was not enough time.

I felt my instructor, while certainly extremely experienced, was not all that great.

We flew in what I now realize is “known icing” conditions, and actually experienced airframe icing twice and carb icing once in those 10 days…in retrospect we shouldn’t have been flying some of that time…I felt he was highly motivated to get the job done on schedule despite the weather.

My $0.02.


Dear Aynard,

Van harte gefeliciteerd, tres bien !

I also got my CPL/IR at AF, but at KADS Addison. (Still waiting for my SR)

Only one question, are you legally able to fly IFR in Belgium without ADF/ DME ?