Hurrican Skunkworks Floor Mats PIREP

I ordered Hurrican Skunkworks’ floor mats for 2578B on Tuesday, and they arrived Friday.

I have to admit, I’m somewhat of a functionalist when it comes to floor mats, and my reason for buying was to protect the plane’s carpets, and my reason for paying $160 (which seemed pricey when I ordered) was to support Jessica James and free enterprise,

Well, let me tell you, they’re great, and well worth the money! Weigh all of 2-3 pounds, yet have a very solid feel when they’re in the plane. Fit perfectly, and don’t slide around. The biggest surprise is how nice they look, and how much they spruce up the look of the plane’s interior - much like new carpeting in a room.
These floor mats have a much higher quality look than the carpet that comes with the plane.

I got the light grey, and it matches the interior of the SR20 perfectly.


I would like to add my enthusiastic endorsement to Andy’s. In addition to the great looks, I like that I can completely remove the mats for a thorough vacuuming if I want to – I always find it easier to deal with that chore when I can lay the mats on the hangar floor.

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Andy/ Mike,
got an order number or web-site? Hit ‘Google’ but no help.

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got an order number or web-site?


Bill (Wrench) James has properly listed his products in our Marketplace forum (Click hereHurricane Skunk Works site.