Best Floor Mats for new SR22

I searched the board and found references to Blue Sky Design for customized floor mats but the link to their website doesn’t work. Failed to find them with Google. Anyone have a URL or email for those guys and what do they cost? Any other recommended sources for floor mats? I saw some generic all black ones on for $85 each, anyone tried these? Thanks!

Try Here: lists in their store (look under “foor mats” in “search”) mats for $100 for two front mats or $285 for front, back and baggage. Choice of labels SR20 or SR22.


I’ve been VERY happy with my mats from Blue Sky. They’ve saved my floor a few times - an exploded Coca Cola can, spilled TKS fluid, etc. Each time, I’ve dumped 'em in the washing machine and then the drier… they’ve come out good as new. Price, quality and workmanship are unsurpassed. Get the embroidered N number - you won’t be sorry.

  • Mike.

Thanks for the link. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Ordered a set and look forward to getting them in a couple weeks. That’s the lead time with a customer N number embroidered on the one of the mats.

Thanks Nevin. I ended up getting the ones from Blue Sky based upon price and recommendations from other board members.

Thanks! Ordered a set from the BlueSky guys. They communicated very quickly and the prices are very reasonable. I followed your recommendation and got the N number.