HID Light Worthwhile?

I’d like some help with my final configuration decision. For those of you who have it, is the High Intensity Discharge landing light worth the extra $$ in the SR20?

I’m tempted only by the additional visibility that others will have (of me). But after specifying the C package with Stormscope & Sandel EHSI, I’m simply wondering if the additional expense (about $1000) is overkill.

Thanks for your opinions!

Like many other things, this choice is strictly a personal matter and can really only be answered by you. We chose the HID light on our SR20 ONLY for the additional visibility to others. Because of it’s design it is left on from startup till shutdown all day and night. That made it worth it for us – any little thing to help other traffic see us. For us it was worth it, but your mileage may vary.


I don’t have one…but a grand seems cheap for the untold hours of extra visibilty…
good luck