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I don’t usually post on things like this, but I got the email below a few minutes ago, and decided to go ahead and do as it suggested.

Our local rag, New Jersey Monthly, ran a hatchet job on TEB in their May issue. The article can be found on their website,, on the lower right-hand side of the page as “Society: Unfriendly Skies”. Thoughtfully, they also posted a “poll” on the site asking if “small” airports ought to be allowed to renovate or expand “despite increased air and noise pollution”. I’m trying to get all fellow pilots to vote “yes” and stick their poll back to them where the sun doesn’t shine. Can you help? The site only allows one vote per computer so we need to network.

Dave White
EAA 0420834

The e_zine, the site, and the poll all appear genuine. As of now, GA is in the lead by 75% to 25% on 353 votes, although I’m not sure how long the vote has been going.


The site only allows one vote per computer…

Well, there’s my home computer, my office computer, about 50 computers in the cluster down the hall…

now it’s 82-18!!

Internet polls are completely worthless, but I still enjoy spamming the vote.

I believe they’ve taken the poll off. I guess the “journalists” didn’t like the response they got…

I’m so sick of these damn NIMBYers complaining about things they damn well knew about before they bought their house. I’m sure they were happy with the price when they moved in. And whatever happened to journalistic integrity? That seems a thing of the past, with the kind of slanted, yellow muck we’re getting these days. They should do away with the Opinion section of most newspapers since the whole damn thing has become a liberal soapbox.

Thanks for posting it. I’ll try to write a letter to the editor.

I just voted at 8:00PM EDT. It’s running 92 to 8

I just voted (08:35 EDT). Current vote total 1360. 92% for, 8% against

It’s now

94% to 6% Lets keep up the good work!

P.S. As a sideline while in college I was looking for a cheap place to live (face it who is not looking for a cheap place to live in college) I looked at a duplex that was about 10 miles away from campus and about 20 yards away from a very busy railroad crossing. I knew that moving in and I agreed to live there because of the price. I never complained about the noise of inconvenience of being “railroaded” I liked the cheap rent. The houses and apartments near the small airport closer to town were actually more expensive!
Bottom line those people that move in as neighbors to airports IMO give up the “right” to complain about it. In 99% of the cases the airport was there LONG before anything else. My local airport BAK in Columbus, IN is a good example. I must report that the airport is looked on pretty favorably though.

Thanks Mike for bringing this to our attention!!!

And, you can clear your browser cache and cookies directory, then do it again! (The site stores a “you’ve already voted” cookie on your local machine. Delete it each time, and you can vote over and over…)

[polltitle=Do you think Internet polls are useful and contribute to noise and polution?]
[polloption=Not Very]
[polloption=Not At All]
[polloption=Not in the Least]
[polloption=Not in my life]


It’s not healthy to supress your feelings like that. You need to open up and tell us what you really think :slight_smile:



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Ah, you’re right, I assumed the poll would be on the same page as the article.

As Rossana Rossana Dana would say: “NEVER MIND!”

It is now 91% to 9%! Heh heh. Maybe we should let up a bit lest they pull it as obviously tainted. But we should revisit it as the month goes on.

Humm… your typical puling bedwetting knee-jerk reactionary liberal bottom-feeding NIMBYs don’t bother to figure out when the polls have been manipulated. They just report the numbers, and if they don’t like the results, blame them on an unknowing, uncaring, apathetic, or insensitive public… [:O]

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Maybe we should let up a bit lest they pull it as obviously tainted.


Same thought crossed my mind - over 1500 votes now, 93% in favor of GA. But I don’t think we’re doing this on our own; aero-newsNJMONTHLY had a follow-up article ready for next month, talking about the “mandate” from readers to get rid of these pesky airports? And I wonder what they’re going to run in it’s place? [:P]


I did what every good Chicagoan would do (even though I live in Atlanta) and posted my 25 votes! It’s now 93-7 in favor of the good guys!

I just voted 7:52 CST, 1415 votes, 93-7%

Here here!! Vote early, vote often.
Mayor Daley

Easy, they ignore the poll and post excerpts from email sent by airport detractors.