Help for a soon to be SR20 owner

I will soon be taking delivery of a new SR20, in which we were planning to take a spring break trip to Florida from Michigan. I’ve run into a snag, the insurance company wants 25 hours in type prior to solo operation. As we plan to get the plane on April 1 and leave for Florida on April 5, that doesn’t look like it will work. I live in Central Michigan, an area where a Cirrus rental is not available. I’m wondering if there might be an SR20 owner nearby that might consider helping me out with access to their plane. I can be reached at 517-285-1540, if anyone might be interested in helping out a fellow pilot.

New insurance company?

Our policy only required 5 hours of dual in our SR22 for one of our guys who only has 100 total time.

not sure what kind help you need. Im not far from you. I’m not sure what kind help I could be. Is your plane new from factory. Don

Alex Wolf is a master of the 20!!! He’s going to be in Indy with me Wednesday of this week…maybe he can come see you…he has a 20, and a great reputation!

I’m trying to find a plane I could make an arrangement to get about 5 hours of instruction in prior to going to Duluth to pick up my plane.

Is Alex an instructor?

YES! And a damn good one.

Might be kind of far but a SR20 with perspective at KTYQ, Montgomery Aviation, north side of Indy.

Give me a ring and we will see what we can do to get you squared away.