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I have an SR22 2003 Gen 1. I am renewing the insurance quotes on the plane and wanted to have a rough idea. I bought the plane last year and insured it for 130k with 110 hours, the quote was 3800. today, I have total of 320 hours with instrument rating, and companies are rating between 2500-3000. is this an average for a hull value of 130k?

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I paid $2870 last year for 160K hull value with 1M smooth. 1400 hrs, instrument rated and about 900 in the SR22. FWIW


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then the quote is pretty good.

thanks for the info


$1726 annual for $175K hull

I use Travers.

seems a little high to me… i just got my 2002 cirrus SR22 a few months ago… I have a little over 500 hours. No instrument rating. at $155,000… at time of having Zero time in type, i was quoted $2,400 for the year told it will come down a good bit when i get more hours in the type… probably around 35 hours in type now

dang. that seems high as heck with the number of hours you have and instrument rating with time in type!! who do you use??? Either that or i got 1 heck of a deal

It’s all fun and games until you have to make a claim. Who is the underwriter

100K per or 1M smooth?

Who is the underwriter?

hmm. well I use travers. a bit surprised with the quote as he said once I get 100 hours in the plane, with IFR rating the quote should drop below 2k as the market will open up. I have 200 hours in SR22 with IFR still one company quotes at 2800. Its a 1M policy. will cross check with AOPA

But is it 1mm Smooth: no sub-limits? Generally if you are carrying non-family passengers it behooves you to have 1mm smooth as 100k per passenger sub-limits will not go far if needed.

i am sorry, what are sub-limits?

its a 1M policy per person, 5000$ in medical payment crew, deductible 250$ not in motion and 5000$ in motion

I’d have to check my file on the actual company… That’s at the office… I got it through AOPA Single Limit Each Occurrence Including Passengers $1,000,000 Sub Limit per Passenger: $100,000…

That’s the most they would give me with the zero time in type

$500 deductible if in motion. $100 if not

that’s heck of a deal. and you said it was travers? I hope they are good with claims and you never need it.

passenger sub-limit means the max payout is $100,000 per passenger. If you kill or injure someones family members and only have $100,000 sub-limits be assured they are likely coming after your other assets. $1,000,000 smooth means the full $1,000,000 could go towards that one person if they were the only passenger. Still probably not enough but 10 times better than the other. If you don’t carry anyone other than family members then sub-limits of 100,000 could be enough. I’d advise you to get a better broker if this wasn’t explained in painful detail and my simplistic example doesn’t scratch the surface. All is good with a cheap quote and not knowing the contract inside and out until you have a claim. Call Michelle at NationAir. A good broker does a lot more than just gets you the cheapest quote. Your particular situation likely differs from anyone who has come back with an answer.

Okay, Nitin, let me burst your bubble – actually, you should join COPA for $65 and get access to more inside information . . . [;)]

Travers and AOPA are brokers who quote you rates from insurance underwriters. Only one broker can represent you at a time. That’s an important thing to learn in case they do not survey all available underwriters. And it’s the underwriters who set the criteria and rates for you and your plane.

Brokers are important middle-men. Just not people with whom you can cross-check.


Nitin, I second Rick’s advice. I was on the fence to join COPA but then took the jump and it really has opened me up to a lot of knowledge and information. You really can’t beat the $65.00 for annual dues. Plus the magazine is great.

P.S. I get no monetary compensation for recommending COPA. I just speak from the heart.

haha I think I should join, will learn something. so its either travers or AOPA. Yeah, each passenger for me is 100k and each occurrence is 1M.


Alright! Just paid the membership for COPA!

Awesome!! Welcome aboard!!

so just that I am understanding clearly, I cannot go to AOPA and travers both as only one can represent 1 plane?