Headset issue in new SR20 G6

Hello all,

My FBO recently got a brand new SR20 G6. Yesterday, I went for a check-out flight in it and my Lightspeed Zulu was not working properly. Specifically, I could not hear anything, but my CFI heard me just fine. We further confirmed it was not the headset as we tried a Bose A10 and it had the same problem. I also used my headset in another plane and it worked fine. HOWEVER, my CFI, using a Bose A20, was able to work properly when he plugged into the ANR jack (not the normal two prong jacks).

Lastly, we were able to get the headset to work when when put the jacks in only part of the way and held them (obviously, useless for flying, but maybe telling of something).

Any thoughts here?

Normally with Zulus this issue is the position of the stereo/mono dip switch. IIRC it is usually the #1 dip switch.

Hmm, maybe. But the issue was not that I was only hearing a signal in one ear. I wasn’t hearing anything, not even myself. All the while, my instructor was able to hear me fine.

Was audio panel on pilot isolation?


This is a known issue with some G6’s and I have seen it about 5 times. It is quite odd because of the fact that the headset usually works in the back seat jacks but not on the pilot or co-pilot side. The “explanation” I have heard is that it is the mono/stereo switch setting in the Lightspeed that is the issue. But that does not add up based on your description and what I have seen as well which duplicates your scenario.

No, we confirmed it was not isolated.

Change the Zulu’s dip switch and report back please. My Zulu issue was almost 10 years ago, but it is precisely the same as you describe. You could also call Lightspeed support and they can explain it from a more technical POV. Audio-wise, I am strictly a dumb pilot layman.

I have a Zulu 3 too.

change the dip switch. Don’t ask why it works, it just does.

James and everyone else who responded here. I dropped the dip switch #1 on the Zulu (from mono to stereo) and the problem was instantly resolved. Works perfect now!

I thank you all for the replies and help! Much appreciated!

Now…to finish this instrument rating…

Yes, the flip to stereo doe# fix the issue. But the question remains as to why?