Headset Power Plug

Does anyone have a list of ANR headsets that will work with the power plugs that are standard in the SR20 console.?


The list is fairly short. I may not have a complete list, but here are the ones I know of:

  1. Bose Aviation X Panel Power version.

  2. Lightspeed Thirty 3G Panel Power version.

  3. Lightspeed Twenty 3G Panel Power version.

  4. A special version of the Lightspeed Thirty 3G Panel Power version with a SR22 branded on the headset shell. This version is available at various pilot shops and at the Cirrus Store.

  5. Telex Stratus 50-D with LEMO Connector.

There may be other headsets that I have omitted.

Also, the Lightspeed headsets have the same size and shape battery box/volume control in either the battery or panel power versions. It is not large, but apparently they decided not to redesign the unit when they came out with the panel power version.

Buying headsets is a fairly personal matter and opinions differ as to which is the best choice. If you don’t subscribe to Aviation Consumer, it would be a good idea to do so.

I am not sure Aviation Consumer has a recent article on headsets, but many of the list above have been reviewed, perhaps in a battery powered or similar model.

Also the basic design philosophy varies between manufacturers. For example, my CFII choose the David Clark battery operated ANR model because he is in so many different aircraft that the LEMO connector option is not a good one for him and when the battery does go dead the D.C. has a better passive noise reduction than for example the Bose.

If you do subscribe to Aviation Consumer, you get the option to do a search online of all prior articles that will bring up a series of their headset reviews.

I think the panel power option is a good one. I had the LEMO connectors put in my SR22 in place of the old “ANR power” connector. I use the Bose Aviation X and when the battery goes out in them your first reaction is “what’s all this racket!” Of course, this was on a night practice instrument approach, just the time I did not need the extra noise.

One more that is available is the FlightCom Denali. I recently bought one as a backseat headset and am not ready to endorse it yet. It is about half the price of the Bose but the Bose is more comfortable for me. The Denali may be more comfortable for some – the earcups are larger. It is good for kids because it is very durable, and the kids like the blue or yellow casing. Also, I like the fact that the individual volume controls are on the earcups rather than the cord. That makes the cord slimmer and you don’t have to go hunting for the headset volume controls by following the cord.

If you consider one, be sure you get the newer updated model with the leather earseals - they made other changes too. There are a lot of the older models in the supply chain, so if you don’t ask you’ll most likely get the older one.

Jim Knollenberg

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The list is fairly short. I may not have a complete list, but here are the ones I know of:

Use can also use a David Clark noise canceling unit (e.g. 10-13-XL, 20-10XL) with this adapter

I have both the Bose and the DC 20-10’s and I like the DC’s better.