Has a Supercharger on a Cirrus caused accidents before?

Has a Supercharger on a Cirrus caused accidents before?

Jamie from Steel Aviation believes at least two aviation accidents have been attributed to the Supercharger…

She says I can search your list serve for discussion on these accidents but I"m not a member.


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One I know of a steel oil fitting cracked in one (chute pull resulted). After a complete loss of oil the engine seized.

I cannot think of a second one where the SC was causal. I do know of one pulled the chute which there is some reason to believe there were pilot operational issues involved.

I know of several that have run for a long time and the owner is quite happy with it.

As others have said, we have over a million posts on the member side that is cheap to access and search. In addition we have perks for things like databases that pay for the dues many times over making COPA the best value in Cirrus aviation.

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I’m aware of 1 case only, which Roger described in his post. Any part can break in an airplane oil line or fitting so I wouldn’t say that the supercharger caused the engine seizure. Dead sticks happen. We’ve seen similar problems in turbocharged airplanes, probably more cases than in supercharged.

I have a supercharger on my SR22 and I’m happy with it.


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