Generation 5 vs. 3

Can someone please summarize primary differences in Gen 3 and Gen 5 SR22

3600 lbs max takeoff weight vs. 3400, with a full 200 lbs useful load increase.

Also, an additional 5th seatbelt in the back, useful for kids.

Attached is a list of all changes for the SR22, excluding 2015.
CIRRUS SR22 Advancements v3.docx (17.3 KB)

My 2012 g3has the same seating as theg5, I heard they were trying to release theg5 in 2012 but we’re not quit ready, don





I own and fly a lot in both the G5 and the G3. And this is the honest truth: the most frequent deciding factor in which plane I fly cross country, is how much I expect to be on the telephone in flight. My G5 has a sat phone.

The flight characteristics of both are nearly identical. Except for the initial five minutes or so of new plane smell in the G5, it never crosses my mind in flight that I am in one plane vs. another.

In the winter I like having the FIKI in the G5 vs the TKS in the G3, but both handle ice really well. Before FIKI, the G3 TKS was all we had, and while operating, it never came close to ever letting me down.

As for the extra useful load in the G5, the extra 200 pounds is nice, but the state of my bladder is such that I’m most comfortable landing every 3 hours or so, with about 30+ gallons of spare room in the tank. The extra useful load for me is often wasted.

If I had to give one up, it would be very hard to choose.

Safe flights,


150kt flaps in the G5 vs 115 in the G3 make it easier for me to maintain best forward speed when someone’s behind me on an approach.

What physical differences allow for the increased flap deployment speed on the G5? Are the motors/actuators stronger or is this a certification issue?

The wing spar in the G5 is beefier. Not sure if the flaps themselves are stronger.

I don’t know about motors/actuators being different but the hinges themselves are a different part/design. Apparently, there were some late G3s that got the mechanicals of the upgraded flaps (mine is such a G3 according to Ross R) but did not get the POH, placard and Avionics limit adjustments to ‘enable’ the higher flap deployment speed. I consider it extra safety margin should I overspeed them a bit but treat my flaps like the original 119 KT version operationally.

119 indicated on the G3, not 115.

… and pull the G3 throttle to idle and it will slow from any speed to flaps in like 2 miles. So, more marketing than a benefit worth paying for.

The G3 is a terrific bargain at a third of the cost of a new G5.

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yeah, but it’s used, so: Duh? Sorry, don’t get the value of that kind of comparison.

FWIW, the G3 Turbos I fly are solid two-seaters for cross-country flying with 2.5 to three-hour legs and luggage for two. I weigh 200 lbs, my colleague joining me most often on these trips is 140. There is between 80 and 150 lbs left until MTOW - not enough for a third person unless it’s a kid or a supermodel. A G5 would enable taking a third person plus bags.

If someone wants to know the main difference between the two gens, well, IMHO that is it.

I traded my G3 for a G5 a few months ago and can’t be more happy. My G3 was Avidyne. The Avidyne worked really well, but the Perspective is simply awesome in comparison. It’s the extra 200 lbs. that have made the biggest difference. It turned the 22 into a true four seater. If you have a couple kids you want to travel with, that makes the difference.

200lbs increase in payload…the rest is detail.

While the 200 lb increase to the gross is awesome, how much did the empty weight go up in connection with the new, larger chute assembly and related hardware? The actual useful load increase is likely less than the 200 lbs frequently mentioned.


I have not flown a Cirrus I haven’t loved.

Just saying that my G3 brings me a lot of the same joy, freedom and exhilaration of flying that I get with my G5. If I were to re-buy both planes today, except for the fabulous new plane smell it might be hard for “me” to justify the marginal benefits of the half-million $ more expensive G5.