Will SR22-G5 work for my mission?

I am a family of 5. Two adults and three kids. Most flights will be 100-190 nautical miles with the occasional 600 nautical mile trip.

I simply love the Cirrus however think that it just may not handle our mission when the entire family is involved :frowning:


what are the weights.

In our G5 we have about a 725 lb payload with the fuel to the tabs. That gives us an easy 400 mile range.


Also what part of the country are your trips and how old are the kids? I took plenty of trips in my G5 with my wife and 3 kids but my whole family weighed 450lbs and it was very hard flying at altitudes where the kids needed O2. So Iโ€™d say if the kids are small and you donโ€™t need to fly high yes for sure on the <200nm trips. The 600nm trip is going to be long and the kids will need to use a Travel John.

My wife and I have three little kids. Airplane is perfect for 2 adults + 3 kids for 1-2 hour trips. For longer trips the comfort of the three pax in the back will be limiting factor. Weight and space could be limiting as well as the kids grow.

I frequently fly a G5 with the family onboard.
OPF - TLH is a milk run for us ( son at college and game day). We are usually full gross at takeoff ( fuel to tabs ). We typically land with 22-25 gallons remaining after the 2 hour or so trip. The family loves flying in the G5. We could not do this trip in a G3 due to the load. The family loved the Saratoga cabin we used to own
For the size but love the Cirrus for the caps system .