G3 vs G5

could anyone tell me some of the differences between a 2011 SR22T G3 and a 2013 SR22T G5. I know the 2011 does not have the 60/40 seating and it has 200 pounds less useful load. Are there any differences with the avionics? I am looking to purchase a plane.

The G5 has a higher flap deployment speed of 150 Kias vs 119 Kias. There are also a few structural changes to accommodate the higher Gross weight and flap speed. Also the cost of the repack will be less expensive down the road with the G5 because it came from the factory with the electronic ignition for the chute. The G3 will face a mandatory upgrade to electronic ignition.


Thanks! I have spent a few hours in a demo G5, so I am decently comfortable in a G5, from a flying standpoint would I notice a huge difference getting in a G3?


We went from a G3 to a G5 this past March. My guess is that on climbs and level flight, you could not tell the difference, BUT the 200 lb gross increase is to me a game changer. I can now easily fly with two couples while the G3 is really more a 3 person plane going any distance. Plus if you fly in an area where you are routinely slam dunked, the 150 kt flap deployment speed makes these descents a breeze.

I recall no significant avionics change, but for the user defined holds.

Overall I am so pleased with our new plane.


I would add that you should check the serial number of the G3 for version 2.0 Garmin servos and enough analog inputs into the G1000, so you can do a relatively inexpensive SB to add stick-pusher and full envelope protection to the Perspective system. I believe some of the very early G3 'Ts with FIKI are excluded from the SB for analog fuel reporting AND analog FIKI reporting. In my mind, one of the top three safety features of late-model Cirri.

You would be fine in a G3, they fly the same. If you don’t need the extra seats or useful load I would save the money for gas.

Thanks for the info I really appreciate it!