Garmin Sr

I just got the service advisery SA 02-03 and 05 on garmins and was wondering has anyone done them yet and do they apply to everyone I called garmin said it takes an hour. What did it change for you . This is a warrinty item. thanks from Don

I checked with my avionics shop today and made arrangements to have the Garmin SBs done. First they had to check the current software (you can do that yourself by going to the second AUX page and scrolling down past the last visible item to the setup menu). Second they had to pull each 430 and check the number against the Garmins SB 0204. From this they determined that the problem resistors in my Garmins are mounted on a board and need to go back to Garmin to be fixed. I arranged for a loaner 430 while one and then the other is sent to have the resistor fixed. Some shops might be equipped to fix the resistors but mine isn’t.

In short the software/firmware SB seems fairly simple and quick. The resistor SB might be a pain if your shop can’t do the work on site and you can’t get a loaner.

Thanks its a little more to it than what Garman said. From Don