Upgrade my 2007 SR22 GPS and avionics (lot of questions)

Hello everyone! First, I hope you are all in good health!

I start by telling them to search the forum, and I couldn’t find a specific answer to my questions, I know they can (and should) have answers, but I couldn’t find them; I do not know if it was not usual for the forum or my command of the English language, so I decided to post them here.

I have a 2007 SR22TN with Avidyne and DFC90 as autopilot, and two Garmin 430 Non WAAS as COMM and NAV. I want to update my equipment, at a reasonable cost, I was looking at the alternatives of a garmin 650 or an Avidyne mfd, but I have several questions:

one-. (I put a number to the questions to make it easier to answer :)) First, they tell me that Garmin is much easier to use than Avidyne’s GPS, can someone tell me about that?

2-. Then, I am thinking of changing only 1 GPS (1,430 for a 650) for a current cost issue (Then I will go for the other),
3-. can I make LNAV approaches with the 650?
4- What is the subject of updating the databases? Can they be updated via Bluetooth?

5-. Should I buy the Jeppesen cards or is it better to buy the Garmin cards?

6-Does it generate any difficulty to have a gps from one generation different from the other?

7-. And finally with the 650 can I upgrade the transponder to ADS-S?

Thank you in advance for your help!! I ask here because there are very few avionics workshops on this side of the world and it is very difficult to compare.

Hi Roberto,

We had similar questions a couple of years back. Here is my take on your questions:

  1. Garmin and Avidyne are both great units. We went with a Garmin 650, but we would not have hesitated to put in an Avidyne unit. Personal preference.
  2. Yeah, we also kept a Garmin 430 when we did the Garmin 650. You can always do the other one later.
  3. Yes, you can fly LNAV approaches with the Garmin 650
  4. You can update the Garmin 650 database with Bluetooth, but you’ll need a Garmin Flightstream 510 to make it work
  5. You can use any cards in the Garmin 650, but I think you might mean which database subscription is better. We use Jepp, but wouldn’t hesitate to use Garmin. Jepp is more expensive, but offers more content. COPA members get a 20% discount through Jepp, so being a COPA member might tilt the answer to your question more towards Jepp.
  6. If you keep a 430 and then get a 650, you’ll need two different database subscriptions. Also, the 430 can’t be updated with Bluetooth. Not too big of a deal, but it will nag on you, to go ahead and get two 650’s (or even better, a 750 and 650 :wink:)
  7. It isn’t going to make any difference, as far as ADS-B, what your radio configuration is. The transponder is autonomous to the radios. Of course, it’s nice to have the compatibility features that you get between Garmin transponders and the GTN 650/750 series, but it’s not going to affect the operation of the ADS-B

Good luck with your upgrade! Enjoy the search!

They both have simulators available online. I think the Avidyne IFD is very intuitive and it also allows the use of knobs and buttons as well as the touchscreen, which is very handy during turbulent flights (I just had one last week and used the knobs/buttons only).

This is good because it means the PFD is already upgraded to allow LPV.

You will lose crossfill functionality with dissimilar units. Also, there is a pretty big cost in accessing the units for replacement, which you will have to pay twice if you do not replace the #2 unit now.

What are the ADS-B requirements in Chile and where you fly? There are a lot of options/considerations with this.

I thought about upgrading both my 430’s to either the Garmin 650 or Avidyne 440 but instead I opted to get a Flightstream 210. It’s about $1,000 and it will allow you to transfer flight plans to/from your 430 and tablet. It also has a backup ADHRS that you could use with something like foreflight. Looking back I’m happy with my choice…the 430s work great…I’ve been flying with them since they came out so I’m know them well. If money is a factor I’d research the Garmin flight stream 210.

I don’t know, but I think he intended to ask if he could do LPVs with a 650.


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  1. Absolutely not. The Avidyne User Interface of the IFD440/540 is superior IMHO. While, of course, both devices are very good the User Interface is Avidyne’s strong side. The GTNs OTOH have the “VFR approach” feature the IFD does not have (yet).

  2. The downside is that there will be no crossfill. But you could start with one unit and then later upgrade the second one. With the IFDs that easier, because they are plug-and play with the 430. But you will have to upgrade your antennas.

  3. You can do LNAV approaches with your existing 430s. With the 650 or 440 you can do much more: LNAV/VNAV, LPV and LNAV+V (and “VFR Approach” with the GTN)

  4. I don’t knowe about the GTN, but I don’t think so. The IFDs are updated with a USB flash drive.

  5. You mean charts? I use Jeppesen charts, and I don’t know the details about the Garmin charts, never used them

  6. As I said, you will have no crossfill and can fly WAAS based approaches only with the new unit (LPV etc.) Other than that, no problems to be expected. The two very different user interfaces would be confusing to me.

  7. You can upgrade a GTX330 ES transponder (not the normal GTX330) or install a new one, there’s many solutions, but others should tell you, I don’t have ADS-B (not necessary in Germany).

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Another point in favour of the IFD vs GTN650 is that you can get a combined database subscription from Jeppesen that updates the IFD(s) and both the charts and the navadata on the MFD for a very reasonable price.


You must have at least a 430W to use the FlightStream 210. Stock 430s don’t work with it.

If the backup AHRS is important to you, but flight plan transfer Isn’t, you might consider the Garmin 345 transponder, which has an onboard FlightStream 110. It will do 1090 ADS-B Out and In, although that won’t be useful in Chile.

I have one of my 430 with problems on the ILS; and beside, I need more capabilities to do Rnav here in Chile. About the transponder, I’m thinking in move for eventually sell the plane in the US; but it’s not mandatory yet here. Beside, the actualization of data base in 430 it’s a nightmare.

But I will keep one of the 430, but a fligthstream it’s not an option, but thanks a lot!

Pretty sure you mean the GTX 345, not the 335. If the 335 really has an onboard 110 please show me how to use it, would love to have it.

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Just to update this topic. I finally bougth and IFD540 from Avidyne. It took somehting like 45 working to do the job done. Many bad moments with the tech, but an impressive factory support from US to here.

Finally i can take off again and I’m flying… getting use to so much information, and so much capabilties.

I expect to upload more pics and experience once I get the things done, I’m preparing a vlog in spanish due there’s some few info in our languaje! Thanks to all for the advices!

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