Garmin 430 question

What is the easiest way to enter a new waypoint or clearance given to you by ATC while on a flight plan while keeping your active flight plan? For example, say you File KPWK PWK2departure OBK KOSH and as soon as you check in with Chicago they say “clear direct Badger BAE”. If you go Direct BAE enter enter on the GPS you get that as a the current flight plan. I can’t figure out how to add BAE to the active flight plan. It seems as though I have to go to the flight plan catalog (FLP page 2) and insert the waypoint there and then reactivate that flight plan, then activate the BAE leg. I’m thinking there must be an easier way to enter these “diversions that ATC gives us”. Any suggestions?

You can do this on the first page of the FPL menu, which shows the currently active flight plan. Activate the cursor, scroll down to the fix that will come after the one you’ve just been assigned, and enter the new fix to insert it into the currently active flight plan. Then move the cursor to this new fix and hit Direct-Enter-Enter, and you’re on your way.

At least that’s how I do it. No doubt you’ll hear some better ideas, and I hope to learn about them, too!


Actually Dan, the easiest way is to anticipate in advance where you’re going to be sent. When you leave PWK northbound you will be given BAE routinely. Other initial fixes out of PWK include Simmn, EON, RBS, GIJ and ELX (look at the ORD 1 departure for these).
Otherwise what you need to do is go into the flightplan page and highlight the fix beyond what you’re cleared to (in this case KOSH) and insert BAE. Once BAE is in there, highlight it, push Direct, Enter, Enter and you’ll be set up to go there. If you’re cleared to OSH before you get to BAE (quite likely) highlight KOSH, hit Direct enter, enter and you’re on your way.
If this doesn’t make sense we can go up and I’ll show you in the plane.

While we are on the subject of 430 tips and tricks, I have a similar question:

I) I set up a Flight Plan tracking between VORs
2) I can use the CDI in GPS mode to give course deviation, and fly on the map, but I want to have the experiance of true VOR tracking, so: I switch the CDI to VLOC mode.
3) What is the easiest way to ensure that the VOR standby frequency is automatically set to the VOR i’m tracking in the flight plan?

This seems like an obvious feature, but I can only find the frequency through the “NRST/VOR” page, which seems silly, since the Unit knows where we are going. ( I know I can go to cursor mode in the flight plan page and get the frequency by pressing ENT over the waypoint and scrolling to it and pressing ENT again, but Its silly to do this for each leg!)

Is there no way to do this automaticly?

I guess I’m looking forward to CPPP!


Yup, push FLP, highlight the waypoint beyond the place you want to insert BAE, turn the small knob to enter BAE, hit enter. The new waypoint will appear prior to the one you highlighted and remain in the flight plan as long as it is active.

Thanks Jerry and Roger, I think I was trying to insert the fix and then trying to hit the menu bar. Your suggestions sound easy and I’ll try it tomorrow.

Ian, I don’t know if there is any way to do that automatically, but offhand I don’t think there is. When I want to use a VOR I simply dial the frequency into the unit. Low tech perhaps but quite effective.
By the way when you enter a VOR identifier into the GPS the unit navigates to the Lat/Long of the VOR, not the VOR itself as when you track using the frequency and specific radial.


Sorry. There’s no feature to do what you are asking. You have an option of going to the VOR page or the NRST VOR page and cursor to the frequency field and pushing ENT. This places the frequency in the backup.

If you select then load or activate a VOR or ILS (localizer) approach, the ILS or VOR frequency is automatically loaded for you in the backup VLOC. But that doesn’t happen for VOR to VOR navigation.

Did you know that if you press and hold the Comm flip-flop key for about 2 seconds, 121.5 will pop into the active Comm frequency?

Thanks for the answer…

Yes I was aware of the difference between GPS and VOR tracking, that little GPS/VLOC toggle on the unit is the first place I look when the needles are not doing what I expect!



Yup! I did know about the 121.5 trick, in fact I use that one too to see if people have read the manual. If you read tha manual, thats a feature that sticks in the brain!

The VOR tracking was as I expected, I was just hoping I had missed a feature, no sweat.

There’s not much I think I would add to a GNS430, but probably my list would be :

  1. Slightly better integration between frequencies/airfields database and normal operation (e.g. VOR tracking example)
  2. A NAV page that simulated an ADF needle. The way I think this would work, is if tracking towards an NDB, VOR or Airfield, this page would be drawn like an ADF overlayed on a compass rose. I guess Sandell users get this already? The handheld garmins have a similar feature, its just software!
  3. Aircraft movement log book, the data is in the “Flight Timers” they just need to save it! (With the pilot’s login!)

See you soon!