Fred Teutenberg's passing

Just wanted to send condolences to all who knew him. He was a very enthusiastic supporter of COPA and it was shocking to read about him and his family.

Best wishes


Thanks, Stuart. The whole thing has hit us really hard.

What is amazing to me is what a difference it makes if we have some kind of relationship with the parties. I never met Fred or talked to him on the phone. I knew him only through his forum posts. This tragedy would have been the same whether I had ever heard of him or not. And yet it makes a huge difference that I had.

I’m trying to take some lesson or gain some insight from this fact, but I come up empty.

Like you Jim and others who have either posted or read this thread…I am cut to the quick concerning this story. I am deeply saddened and feel a heartfelt loss… My prayers to all his family and those who were touched by him and them…love continues on and on…