one personal thought on the loss of 116CD

Like most of you reading this, I’ve spent the last week watching - then waiting - then reflecting on the loss of Mr. Doug Koehler and his loved ones.

I’ve been waiting to post about it. Though I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for except to feel something better than this dull sadness which seems to frame all of my thoughts.

I went back and read his posts, thought maybe that would do something. What it did was remind me that he, like all of us, loved to fly. He loved his plane. He generously shared his thoughts and time with the rest of us. But I knew all that already. And while I think there’s something really nice about being able to see evidence of that, it doesn’t make me feel any better just yet. The sadness, the sickening feeling are there just as much.

I know some - if not all of us - are torn. We want to know what happened, and yet we want time to pass out of respect for a ‘virtural friend,’ as someone I know so aptly put it. Again, though, what I find is neither is satisfactory. To me, it is a lose-lose. And yes, perhaps, someday we will learn something helpful from this - maybe that will provide a tiny bit of light to this darkness - but as I type this I have to tell you I really think anything like that is so not enough in any stinking way.

I never met Mr. Koehler, but as I wrote a few weeks ago, I think of this forum as a strange family.
So all I really want to say at this point besides that, like all of us, my heart goes out to those who lost someone on 116CD – what I want to say is simply:

 'Doug you are, and will be, missed.'

Anything besides that just feels like so much nothing right now.