Fly-in communities

Most of us just go to the airport to go flying, but some actually live at fly-in communities. In some cases, they actually keep their aircraft in their garage.
As I get older, and my passion for flying intensifies the thought of living in one of these communities becomes attractive.
I have heard of several. Jumbolair, Mountainaire, etc.
I would love to hear from those who live in such communities.
What makes them good, bad. Where are the good lots; by the runway, or away. What are the best or worst, and any other comments about these type facilities and the lifestyle.


We don’t live at one of these (yet), but there’s an extensive list of them at the With Your Plane web site.



Funny you asked. I was just last night looking into homes for sale at Spruce Creek, just outside of Daytona Beach. I noticed in one of the pictures of homes for sale there was a Cirrus sitting in the “driveway”, in front of the attached hangar. I couldn’t quite make out the N-number to see who it might be.

I too am interested in the ins and outs of air park living. I look forward to responses to this post.

We do not live in an airpark yet, but we made a reservation on a lot and will buy soon. ( This is a brand new airpark in Michigan and we decided for a front lot right at the runway because of the easy access and the excellent view over the airfield. We should be able to build our house late summer. We can’t wait!



I live at My house is the second up on the left. Ours development has 16 lots. All but one has a house on it so none are for sale.

Resale value-- Strange thing is that we now have about the same number of non-flyers as flyers. People like the wide open space of the runway, common tiedown area, etc. The lots average 5 acres so that helps.

Covenants–As an attorney, I’m sure you know of the importance of these. Ours could be better. We have two associations, A home owners association, and an airpark association with separate dues. Probably not a good idea.

Gated–in some ways important. Keeps strangers off the runway. (some folks, in spite of signs, want to drive on them).

Mail service–Not at our place. The airplanes use the streets as taxiways. Mailboxes and airplane wings don’t get along.

Noise–Not a problem usually. Not much traffic after night.

Fuel–Can be worked out. One of our members has a tank and we buy from him.

Covenants again–Can’t stress this enough. Make sure they are airplane friendly. Check out the state statues to see if any special covenants are actually enforceable.

Liability–Try to make sure, well you know what I mean especially in light of Gated as mentioned above. Kids playing on the runway, etc.

At our place, we seem to have more than our share of wild-life. Deer are a common problem, also turkeys, coyotes and especially buzzards. We recruit deer hunters. 18 were taken off our place last year and didn’t dent the local population. If you THINK you see a deer, go-around. Don’t know how this relates to Liability as mentioned above. Not sure I want to know.


Check this one out…take a guess who owns this house?

I was not looking in any particular area, but generally, looking for what makes a good one from a bad one. Management, activities, golf, Etc. Mostly, I was looking for feedback based upon personal living experience or perhaps you visited one, and decided to buy or not to buy and why.


We are at Spruce Creek and wouldn’t think of living anywhere else. I think it is one of the largest fly-in communities in the world, so my experience may not be typical of most fly-in communities. It is completely gated and has a golf club. I believe there are about 1300 homes. 1/3rd of those are taxiway homes, connected to about 12 miles of taxiway. Another 1/3rd of the homes are on the golf course. The 12 miles of taxiways are a great place to bike, walk the dog, etc.

We are pretty far from the 4000’ runway, maybe 3/4th of a mile. There are quite a few jets and war birds based here, so I am glad we aren’t close to the runway, although the noise is definitely music to our ears.

Most people here have golf cars, and at functions here, it is typical to see mostly golf cars parked outside. We have a flying club, Saturday morning formation flights, Sat and Weds morning breakfast flights, an EAA chapter, a QB hanger, and various bikers groups, a virtual RV airforce, etc., etc.

We have the country club restaurant and bar, another restaurant and bar, and multiple Real Estate firms, many APs and IAs within the gates. We routinely go days without getting in the car and going outside the gates, instead flying out for breakfast or lunch.

If you want visitors, just leave your hanger door open.

Saturday mornings are BIG here. We have an area next to the runway called Windsock Park, commonly referred to as “The Tree”. The festivities usually start around 7:30, when the Bonanza group gathers to fly out. Then the formation “Gaggle Flights” take off around 8:00. The Tree is also popular about 1hr before sunset, where we watch the runway traffic and meet others who are doing the same.

Pretty cool place, IMHO.

In reply to:

or not to buy and why.

When my wife and I decided to move to Arizona, we initially thought of living in an airpark. We spent 10 days traveling to various towns that had airparks including Aguila (Eagles Roost), Morristown (I call it Bore-us-town, but it did have a 60X65 air-conditioned hangar and lots of rattlers), Bullhead City (hot as hell), Camp Verde, and Payson.

All except for Payson were in our opinion eyesores or too far away from civilization. We were a micron away from purchasing a lot at “mad-as-hell” airpark in Payson. We decided against it because we thought that airparks were to niche of a market in case I lost my medical. I also had a problem with $96K for 0.4 acres. (Step down from the 20 acres we had in CT).




I live at Spruce Creek, if you can post a link to the picture, I can probably tell you who it is.

Hopefully, it’s not me, because that last time I looked, my house wasn’t for sale!


We keep our plane at Mark’s house in Jupiter, FL at an airpark called Tailwinds (FD15). The website is

It is great living there and being able to walk in your backyard and go for a flight. It is also very convenient for working on your plane.

As far as location, you can either live on the runway or off on a taxiway. If you like watching planes land and take off, the runway lots are better. Tailwinds has a homeowners association as most home developments do. As with most associations, there are always political agreements and disagreements and squabbling about what to do and what not to do. What’s unique is that all homeowners have a common interest - flying.

Some airparks have fuel farms and some don’t. Some residents have their own fuel tanks. So a little more fuel planning is involved if you don’t have access to fuel. Do I need to fill up before I land? Where is my next flight going to be?

We used to “hang out” at a local public airport before Tailwinds. I do miss some of that and all of the flying activity at a public airport. However, I feel the benefits of a private airpark outweigh those attributes.

There are usually all types of backgrounds of people that live at an airpark. This becomes very helpful if you ever need help with your plane. However, if you do need maintenance work and you don’t have an A&P on the field, you’ll need to fly your airplane to another field or have a mechanic come to your house.

As far as security, there is nothing better than having your plane locked in your own hangar.

All in all it’s a great experience. You are welcome to fly-in anytime. Just call ahead.

Brian Fowler

Hi Herold, I learned to fly at prices airport . I purchased my first plane from Joel Price. Thats back about 16 years now. Thats a great location, good luck. Don

I’ve lived in an airport community for 3 and a half years now. An after dinner stroll with the family will typically include an aviation discussion with other aviators, the opportunity to rate a landing or two, and the satisfaction of helping someone with minor maintenance as you walk by. I’m happy.


Here’s the link. It’s lot 129. I also attached the picture with the Cirrus in it. Looks like a nice house.

My son and I took a tour a year ago with Mr. Watts from Mark Martin Reality. My wife and I are looking for a snow excape home there to maybe rent out during the off season.

N32MG is Myron’s old plane. It belongs to a friend of mine, who is a resdent here at Spruce Creek.

John Travolta
Here is the rest of the story.
We can all go visit. FCOPA should have breakfast over there at his place on March 7 at Jumbolair.
I betcha he would enjoy a ride in our aircraft.

Sorry I got this one so quickly Scott.
We who live in Florida, Salute you.

News flash—John is now building another home in Marco island. No airstrip out the back door, but close to one.

Is that Mikes new house in Vegas. I guess not , no room there for that. Don