Some questions...

Hello everyone,

My name is Matt, and I had a few questions about Cirrus planes (from the ownership/flying perspective) and was hoping that you might shed some light. I flew in college several years back and will be doing some regular flying along with my work, starting in the next few months. I’m probably still six months or so away from getting a new plane, but could use some direction.

Anyhow, I learned on mostly 150’s & 152’s, and hadn’t even heard of Cirrus until recently. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Cessnas, but I was wondering if anyone here had flown a Mooney and could compare them against the SR20/22?

Does anyone know of a place in Denver to rent a Cirrus? I’d like to try one out and get a ‘feel’ for it.

Since they aren’t as widely owned as Cessna’s, Piper’s, etc., is it hard to have them maintained?

And finally, this might be a stupid question, but I’ve never bought a new plane before. Are they like cars, where you negotiate prices, or do you just pay the sticker? I just assumed that the prices are the prices. It’s not a big concern, but I’d hate to find out that I was the only one that didn’t know.

Sorry about all the questions, and thanks for any insight/opinions. I really appreciate it. -Matt

Almost as fast as a Mooney and much cheaper to fly and maintain. Much more cabin room in the Cirrus and more comfortable. The Mooney was always the plane of my dreams for 20 years. I’ll take my Cirrus any day over the Mooney.

For a new plane, the price is what it is. Buy the Cirrus. You will be glad you did.

Service? In a couple years there will be plenty of Cirri around and service won’t be a problem. By 4th quarter or 1st quarter next year, Cirrus should pass Cessna in piston engine single production rate.

As mentioned be sure to check for the sales person for your part of the country and get a demo. Also consider the used aircraft which are showing up in the market place below and on and other aviation web sites

Since they aren’t as widely owned as Cessnas, Pipers, etc., is it hard to have them maintained?
Not at all. There’s an ever-growing number of factory-approved Cirrus Service Centers across the U. S. I know of at least two in your area (Arapahoe Aero at Centennial Airport and Colorado Aviation at Colorado Springs Muni).
And finally, this might be a stupid question, but I’ve never bought a new plane before. Are they like cars, where you negotiate prices, or do you just pay the sticker?

Alas, the price is the price is the price. (The good news is that unlike a new car dealer, Cirrus won’t try to sell you the optional undercoating.) There’s also no “sticker” per se — every new Cirrus is built to the customer’s specification as regards trim, interior appointments, and avionics.

Check with your local Cirrus sales rep for current prices. (If you’re in Colorado, that would be Tom Bergeron at (214) 906-1698.) Cirrus has reduced certain of their prices for the next couple of months, so this could be an excellent time to buy if you can swing it.


Hi Matt.
Probably I’m the lower experienced on this matter in this forum but, I feel Iwas pretty close “to you”.

Own a plane is been my dream from many year ago.

I make long and (I think) seriosly comparisation between available G.A. plane.

Cirrus did (and is doing) an terrific job, selling aiplane at incomparable price respect ALL others plane for money for comfort (geee… tall of the people is grow a lot in last decades… why should I fit myself inside a cabin developed for 1960 tall people?), safety / new avionics equipment and performances …and CAPS!

Honestly I’ll never purchased an G.A. airplane if Cirrus doesn’t produce first the SR20 and later the “22”.

Rent a Cirrus: Why don’t you phone to Cirrus? I test (in Europe) two time the SR22 and later the SR20; last March in Duluth still tested the “22”. They are (Cirrus and his European agent) pretty kind. I think that you need to test it more than listen any words from other for your impression/decision.

But, TAKE CARE: my experience after flow with Partenavia P66 (160 hp), Cessna 182, P68B (twin 2x200hp) and Siae Marchetti SF260 (260 hp) from my aeroclub, testing the SR22 make me sign the contract for my first plane…!


Hope my poor words can help you.

When you say more room are you comparing to an older Mooney 201 or to the Bravo? Aviation Consumer did a good comparison of Lancair, Cirrus, Mooney. Mooney lost mostly on price which has been addressed. I still prefer the Cirrus but the Mooney is competitive after the price reduction. The Bravo has more room than older Mooneys and useful load is similar to Cirrus. However, Cirrus has more oomph on takeoff and I like the idea of two doors.

Dakoata Ridge Aviation at Boulder Airport had a SR20 for rent I believe its sold and they will be renting out a SR22 shortly.