Flew new Cirrus SR22 GTS today

Wow what an amazing aircraft! Very fast smooth and comfortable. Side yoke was easy to learn. The avionics are state of the art. Getting used to the hat trim switch was the only thing I would need to get used to. Autopilot works fantastic.

Well, what are you waiting for? Buy it!

Winning the lottery :slight_smile:

My budget is a lot less than 500K for a brand new SR22.


Early models sell for less than 200k and are equally awesome.


Thanks, right now one of the local flying clubs has different SR20 and SR22 available for rent as lower cost than ownership. If I buy in the short term since I’m working toward advanced ratings, I’m looking at a retract complex airplane since purchase cost is good deal right now. Then with plenty of time in both and savings, I can make a good long term decision. Cirrus did make a lot of changes between 2002 and 2012 however based on the spec sheet the Cirrus rep provided me. Maybe by then a 2009 model will be within my budget and I’ll have lot more time and ratings as well to lower the higher insurance costs.