Financing an SR22

I am picking up my SR22 at the end of June or early July. I am requesting information about financing. At SNF I talked to NAFCO and there rates are a lot lower than Cirrus Designs rates.

Just wanting to know other companies that have been used successfully.

SR22 #276

AOPA - MBNA did good work for me.

If you can utilize a home equity line of credit it is often the way to go, as the interest on $100K is deductible in most cases.

I just finished financing with Nafco. They did a great job and the rates and closing costs were extremely competive. email me a and I’ll give you the details.


I used Bill Leckie with NAFCO @ 863-644-8463. He is very helpful. Requires all info but will let you know immediately if he is able to work with you. My rate: 6.75 20 year fixed. Good luck. I receive SR 22 June 10th. You need to go ahead and process your paper work since you are within 60 days.Don

I’ll will also be picking up our SR22 on June 10th. I’m curious… what is your position # ?

Walt N224AZ

Hi Walt. My position is 255 June 10th. Don

I am contract number 276. I have not got an exact date but was told end of June or early July.

SR22 #276

See you in Duluth!