FAR Part 61.75 (license validation) suspended!

I’ve heard that a few days ago the FAA has stopped the “validaton” possibility to get a foreign ICAO license validated for private flying of n-registered airplanes. They say Part 61.75 is being revised, but why would they suspend 61.75 while it’s being revised if they didn’t want to make any major changes (restrictions)?

Anybody know something about the issue? Is it because of terrorism or just because of the administrative costs? American flight schools sure won’t like that because many depend largely on foreign pilots.

If this remains the status quo, it will also definitely make it more difficult sell the second half of our '20 here in Europe as long as it is n-registered…


I’m not sure the situation you are in with flying a n-numbered aircraft in Europe, but the only part of the regs they suspended was the “automatic” issuing of a US pilot’s license based on a foreign license. You CAN STILL GET a license based on a foreign license, the new process requires screening and background checks, etc.

I’ve been watching this too!

There is a pprune thread:


It would seem that thos of us that allready have airmans certificates based on our JAR PPLs can still fly our N reg planes in Europe, (outside of the country of our licence) but no new ones are being issued.

Someone new flying my Sr20 in the UK could still fly in the UK on their UK licence, but would be technically prevented from flying outside the country until they had the FAA equivelant, which is now harder to get. (Temporilarily??)

Most people will want to fly in the country where their JAR PPL is valid anyway, so most flying will not be affected.


Dear fellow cirrussites,

Tomorrow hopefully I will get written word from the Dutch National Aviation Authority that it will be possible, starting 10/01 to fly Dutch PH- registered aircraft with an ICAO (FAA) license.

The conversion of a european license to FAA was almost automatic, but from a FAA PPL/CPL/IR to Dutch or JAA license always very restrictive to almost ompossible. (100hrs flying after getting the license, RT exam and and air law exam for the PPL only).

Note that the airspace system in europe is also A-B-C-D-E-F-G-ICAO ! And the RT exam is difficult (English) and there is no Pilot-Controller glossery for JAR like in the FAR.

It may be that the FAA responded to this issue, and I welcome this very much.

Jaap Cirrus #683 FAA CPL/IR, PH-MBR owner (Beech Sundowner, for sale)

For some good news on this front, see http://www.airventure.org/2002/sat27/foreign_pilots.htmlthis news item from Oshkosh.

The only information I have seen about this is the Avweb mention, which says "The FAA has stopped issuing U.S. private certificates based solely on a foreign license. About 2,800 such licenses are normally issued in a year. The ban is considered temporary while security measures are implemented.

I read this as saying that as of now, getting a license would involve getting a student certificate, being signed off by an instructor and taking the test (and presumably a written test as well). At some unspecified time in the future, issuance of US licenses based on foreign licenses will resume, but with some additional hoops to be jumped through.

I have no idea what aspect of security this is supposed to enhance, since possession of a US license is hardly a prerequisite to hijacking a plane. A foreign license will do just as well :slight_smile:

I have no idea what aspect of security this is supposed to enhance, since possession of a US license is hardly a prerequisite to hijacking a plane. A foreign license will do just as well :slight_smile:
Now, Clyde — Surely you don’t expect the silly galahs who impose these regulations to use anything resembling logic?!?


For someone like me this is Bad News!

When I picked up my SR22 in April I got an FAA Temporary Airmans Certificate and, in the normal course of events, that wold have become a full FAA license within 120 days. Now however that will not happen and when my Temporary Airmans Certificate expires in a few weeks I will not have an FAA license and so I will not be able to fly my SR22 on the Continent!

And am I going to have to go back to square one and take w whole set of PPL exams and tests again!?

PS I thought the US had ICAO treaty obligations… (or is that naive…)

The ICAO does not regulate pilot licensence recongition. Otherwise the JAA would have been in a lot of trouble !

But I think that you temporary will be converted.


Well, exactly as I expected, the FAR 61.75 validation routine is now reinstated, just with some more bureaucracy involved.
This world is so simple sometimes…


See http://www.faa.gov/avr/afs/flightinstruction/n8700-15.doc for the official scoop.

If anyone cares…