Integrated Private Pilot & IFR training.

I was wondering if Cirrus has an integrated program that will be available when the new FAR that allows this goes into effect on October 31. Does anyone know if this is coming?

I believe they do. I think I have seen training materials at wells FBO here in kc.

Cirrus has been ahead of the game for awhile. Check out their published syllabus, available on the COPA Safety Gallery :

Cirrus Access to Flight - Integrated Private and Instrument Syllabus [October 2008]

Several Cirrus Training Centers use it and any CSIP may use it. Obviously, until the FAA changes the rules, the checkrides remain separate.


I am not sure about the check ride being consolidated, that isn’t clear from what I read. But on October 31st, the FARs will allow you to work on both at the same time: Thank you for the link, that is very useful.

The Cirrus Access To Flight Syllabus has been out for 2 yrs…it contains 60 lessons (train half day per lesson) that prepare the trainee for PPL with IFR rating. The FAA will soon allow one practical fight for both the PPL with IFR rating. I currently have three pilot trainees using this syllabus. I am a big fan of this approach to learning to fly! Hugh Gommel 702-809-9515

Thanks for the answers everyone!

How long would this take with 60 lessons, as a focused program where it was all I was concentrating on? I know the answer would be different for everyone, but some kind of estimate would be nice.

Dan, Give me a call or email…see my earlier reply to your post. Hugh