Cirrus SR 22

Hello! My name is Kaj Rönnlund. I am planning to acquire a Cirrus SR 22 in Europe. Please give me your experience of owning a November regisetred plane in Europe. I would also appreciate general experience concerning Cirrus ownership in Europe.

Kaj Rönnlund

After one year of ownership of a SR20 in northern Germany, these are my thoughts:

  1. Of course you’ll need to contact a US Trust for a legal N-registration. We paid 1200$ for the first year, now 800$ per year.
  2. Make sure there is a good Service Center nearby. In the first year, you’ll have to go there very very often!
  3. You’ll have to pay the import tax (or how ever it’s called) and always carry the receipt with the aircraft.
  4. Insurance for the SR20 was no problem and not extemely expensive. Probably different for the SR22 though…
  5. Don’t know about noise regulations in Scandinavia, but as in Germany, you won’t get an official noise protection certificate for a N-reg aircraft from your local authority. Contact your AOPA for an innofficial noise protection document, which allows for lower landing fees in Europe.
  6. You’ll need to have a preheater installed in your AC! Even we ought to have one in Germany…
  7. All in all, it’s great to operate an N-reg. AC in Europe, of course because of IFR, but also because you’ll be treated different, because after all, in aviation terms, you are a “tourist” in Europe which makes things easier sometimes. However, you’ll need a validation of your license or a full US-license of course.

Any more thoughts from other European SRxx owners?
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Could you tell me who you set up the trust with? What’s the exact legal entity you’re using? I am talking to a company that will charge twice as much for the first year and then 1K $ for the following year. Would like to compare both offers.

und viel Spass beim Fliegen

N Reg in Europe is great. A couple of things to be aware of though

  1. When flying in France make sure you have properly documented VAT forms with you – the French authorieties will impound your aircraft if you cannot produce one.

  2. According to CAA regs (i.e. in the UK) I have learnt that you are not allowed to share expenses with someone else on a flight. You have to fly G reg for that. Dont ask me why!

Post your e-mail-address and I’ll contact you.