FAA records for Cirrus Temporary Registrations

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One of my colleagues in Air Britain has managed to extract the complete list of Manufacturers Temporary Registrations for Cirrus from the official FAA website. These are registrations that are allowed to be used as many times as Cirrus see fit and can be used for ferrying and test purposes.

If your machine had to go to Hibbing for painting, then it’s likely (but not definite) that it carried one of the following:

N1000V, N10022, N1003U, N1004A, N1007A, N2002X, N20024, N2003A, N2003F, N20043, N20075, N2008H, N20082, N20083, N20104

The only anomaly I have is N46X, which has been carried by at least one SR22, but is a full ‘fee paid’ entry on the FAA database, but with no SN against it. There are a further 88 registrations reserved by Cirrus (nearly all for new build aircraft) in the N8CD and N9CD range.

Hope this kind of information is of interest to some of you!



Just to complicate matters further, our SR20 (S/N 1174, N720DG) had the temporary registration N42J. For pictures of the airplane with this temporary registration both before and after being painted, see http://www.physics.ucsb.edu/~airboy/tga/babypics/http://www.physics.ucsb.edu/~airboy/tga/babypics/.


Hi Roger,


Thanks for the information, I love the baby pics page!

N42J is another registration that is ‘fee paid’ by Cirrus.

This could take me a while to sort out!