Exactly WHY is ANN suddenly disallowed from covering M9?

I just saw the article on Aero-news.net about ANN being removed as the coverage provider.


Why? Did COPA “bend over and smile” for Cirrus, or is the story skewed?

Is COPA really going to let Cirrus dictate what gets reported via internet, and is COPA going to allow Cirrus to edit any streams prior to
broadcast? I thought we were independent of Cirrus and were willing to
tell the truth and let the chips fall where they might…

Answers and an explanation are in order, please. Curt, Jim lays the
blame at your doorstep, so a straight-up, no BS, no obfuscation response is in order, I think.

(And to those who read this post already on the members’ side: Yes, I know this is a redundant post. I just wanted to make sure the general public (a.k.a. non-members) saw that we (the general COPA membership) know about this, are shocked about it, are discussing it on the private forums, and are asking for explanations ourselves.)

And for the record, it is being discussed on the member’s forum here with an explanatory post from COPA Board of Directors here.

(Member of the COPA Board and COPA Treasurer)

Neither of the here links worked for me.

As a “former” member of some time length I’m interested in learning the explanation too.

Bill O’Neill

As an individual owner not subject to accelerated depreciation and the ability to buy a new aircraft every couple of years I have a little different perspective of the role of Cirrus Aircraft within the priorities of COPA. I will never be able to afford another new airplane delivered from the showroom in Duluth. That said:

In a few years time COPA will find itself more interested in marketing to the overall aviation market rather than aligning itself with Cirrus Aircraft. Its a simple matter of market economics not a matter of taking sides. At the size and age of the current fleet the vast majority of Cirrus airplane transactions do not involve the Cirrus Aircraft company. Most of the dollars changing hands will involve used aircraft, equipment upgrades, and maintenance. Owners will benefit from attracting non Cirrus owners into the used airplane market and maintaining values relative to other used aircraft. As a matter of fact, each new upgrade from Cirrus diminishes the value of your existing airplane. Good for new buyers, not so much for the rest of us.

In the beginning there was no COPA without Cirrus Aircraft. Now faced with declining membership as a percentage of fleet size COPA should take a moment and understand who its customers are. MAPA (Mooney Aircraft Pilots Assoc) has endured through several ownership changes and complete stoppages in new aircraft manufacturing. Do you really think a Mooney owner cares what the next ownership structure will look like? What products are on the drawing board? MAPA cares about servicing the fleet, safety education, maintaining airplane values, and a technology upgrade path from the OEM base. The MAPA meeting will take place, as always, in Kerrville even though not a single new aircraft has been produced for some time.

I wasn’t party to any of the conversations but it appears from here that COPA had to choose between ANN’s involvement and Cirrus. Not an enviable position. Maybe this year was the right call, but the answer could be different in the near future.


Just to clarify, COPA was started and has remained staunchy independent of Cirrus Design / Cirrus Aircraft. I’m sure COPA values good relationships with a number of parties, including Cirrus, for obvious reasons, but I don’t think that it’s ever been the case - and especially not “in the beginning” - that there would be “no COPA without Cirrus Aircraft”.

Based on my understanding of the discussion in the members’ area, I think COPA made a good decision - not to choose ANN or Cirrus, but rather to independently fund the streaming video.

Steve, I misspoke, I should have said in the early years there would be no Migration without Cirrus. I agree with your points that COPA has maintained their independence and the relationship has not been without it’s “moments”.