Permission from Aero-News

xyzebra, all…
I have just received the following email from Jim Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of Aero-News. From now on, we have permission to reprint Aero-News articles on our forums (don’t forget the credit).
Thanks, Jim!

  • Mike.
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Jim []
    Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 11:47 AM
    Subject: Permission
    Importance: High
    Please take this as permission to link or copy ANN articles
    to the COPA site so long as they are unaltered and credited
    appropriately. We like you guys and wish to support you as
    well as we can.

Thanks…I am not a pilot…BUt I am an investor in both companies…and I wouldn’t mind being a pilot in this plane…

I think we are seeing history here…and I am not sure that the world has yet to figure it out…

Don’t worry… we’re working with everyone to make sure that the rest of the world (via our groundhog brethren in the media) sees what GA can do when innovation and expertise are brought to the fore-front and allowed to flourish in our industry.



Thanks for letting us do this, however I would like to engourage all my Cirri brethern to go to your sight and read all of your news updates. Remember we have have a hot-link right to ANN on the links page.

PS: I can’t wait for “Part 2”!