European Cirrus Pilot's Proficiency Program (eCPP

From: Timm Preusser

To: All European COPA members and Cirrus Pilots

Subject: European Cirrus PilotÂ’s Proficiency Program (eCPPP)

Message: eCPPP01 dated December 21, 2002

Dear fellow Cirrus Pilots,

You may be aware, the Cirrus Owners and Pilot Association (COPA) was founded in 2001. This organization supports Cirrus pilots and owners in many respects, including (but not limited to) Cirrus specific Flight Training and Education.

So far, several Cirrus Pilot’s Proficiency Programs (CPPP) were held in the United States. Typically, such a course is held on a weekend, starting Friday evening or Saturday morning, and consists of several Ground Segments and Flight Segments, totalling 9 hrs of Ground plus 6 hrs of Flight Instruction, including briefing/debriefing. The courses are given by experienced Flight Instructors who have significant time in Cirrus airplanes and are capable to teach all the specialties of our aircraft, of course including the Avionics. Because these courses are taught by professionals, a participant fee is required – such a course cannot be given free. In the US, the ground portion is 300 per attendee, and the complete course is 750 per attendee.

With the European Cirrus fleet growing fast (more than 100 planes expected for 2003), a demand for a European Program is felt. To find out whether or not the interest in Europe is big enough to create an European Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program (eCPPP), we need YOUR help in answering the following questions:

· Would you be interested in attending a European eCPPP in summer 2003?
· Would you be willing to pay for such a weekend course, including professional Flight Instruction, a fee of up to EURO 900?
· Would you be willing and able to fly your Cirrus to a place convieniantly located in the heart of Europe, say up to 600 NM from your home base?
· Would you accept that the eCPPP will be held in the English language only?

If you have more “yes” than “no” to above answers, would you prefer to have the eCPPP in
· June 2003?
· July 2003?
· August 2003?
· September 2003?

We also would be very much interested in your own goals for such an eCPPP. Therefore:

· What would be your prime interest or subject you would like to get training on?

We would be very grateful if you would answer the above questions, preferably by email to, or by fax to +49 6022 653441.

We will revert to you as soon as a clear picture from all your answers has materialized.

With the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Timm Preusser (SR20, N747TG)

Basically I feel that this is a very good idea. How many minimum participants would be needed to start? I believe that several Cirrus owners/pilots after the short check out are still not completely aware of the whole spectrum of their aircraft and the avionicsystems.

Arnim -

I believe we could run the course successfully and reasonably economically with 10 - 12 participants.

Bob Price
Cirrus PIlot Proficiency Program

I sent an e-amil to Timm with my answers.

For all the other european Cirris: I’m fully positive about eCCP.

I got 5 positive and one negative reply so farper email - let’s wait until everybody is back from christmas holidays - I’ll keep you all posted.

Timm Preuser N747TG

I just wanted to let you know about the progress. Meanwhile 10 European Cirrus pilots have addressed me with their positive resonance; I’m still expecting more after New Year’s day. I’m in USA right now where I met with Bob Price and we had a very good discussion on the European curriculum and how and when to proceed. I’ll keep you posted.


Timm Preusser N747TG