Looking for Partners in Germany


I just got a member of the COPA after looking thru the Guest Discussion for a few days.
For all the guests: it paid off a few hundred times immediately, after finding some posts which interested me, because I wasn´t quite sure what I will have to buy.

I found also the german corner inside COPA, and tried to get some more information about bringing over a plane to Europe. There a some nice and helpful storys about the things, you should know before buying a plane, about ferry flights, and so many other helpful posts, it´s unbelievabel. Even Checklists ! That helped me a lot to come closer to a decision.

I´m a german vfr-pilot, with an US (since 1997) and a German PPL. I didn´t flew to much in the past couple years because I don´t like flying in the old Cessna´s and Pipers without autopilot and gps, which my flight club runs. And after having a demo flight in Florida in 2006 on a SR22, it become every time harder to see and fly these old planes. If you once flew a Cirrus, things change…

My wish: finding one, two or three partners in the area Würzburg / Nürnberg.

Kind regards for your statements ! [;)]

Jörg Falckenberg

Excuse my bad english and all the little mistakes…Hopefully everybody understands it…

Welcome to COPA Joerg.

Don’t worry about your english. You should hear our German!

Heck, he should hear some of our English! [:D] Welcome Joerg!

Welcome or should I say Herzliche Wilkommen to the great Cirrus adventure.

Don’t forget the CPPP in Baden Baden this summer. It’s a great way to learn more about the Cirrus you are buying and meet other Cirrus pilots who may be looking for a partner in your area.

Hi Joerg,

Welcome to COPA and glad that you’ve found immediate utility from the site. It’s good to see another ‘local’ pilot join up to the site and add some further European perspective. I hope that you are able to find local partners to facilitate a purchase of a Cirrus and start enjoying these fine flying platforms!

Hope to meet you at one of the European CPPS’s or migration in the future!


I’m not sure from your post whether you are a Cirrus owner yet, but if you’re not the attached may be of interest to you.


All the best