Engine Monitor - JPI

Has anyone installed a JPI Engine Monitor in their Cirrus SR20? Our airplane continues to run very near peak EGT with the mixture control full forward when at cruise power at altitudes between 2000 and 4000 ft. We want to discover what all six cylinders are doing. The factory Avidyne monitor is overkill and much too expensive for our use. I am concerned that the length of the JPI may be too long,( 8-1/2 inches) to fit. Any ideas or suggestions regarding engine monitors or hints from people having cured lean running engines would be greatly appreciated. Direct replies to w8nn@chartermi.net would be welcome also. Thanks much! Bill N292LK SR20.

One of our COPA members did this installation and posted his results including some photos in the members forum. He moved the CHT gauge from the panel down to the console and installed the JPI EDM-700 in the hole where the CHT gauge was, so there should be room for it in that location.

By the way, I can’t imagine owning one of these planes without joining COPA, it is by far the best 50 bucks you will ever spend. There are about three or four times as many posts on the member’s side and the information is much more useful for maintaining and modifying your plane. Hope to see you in there soon

Good luck with your installation!


Thank goodness, yours is the first post I have seen that talks about this problem. We have been having the same problem with N5454M (SR20 SN1226) for over a year. Our service center has replaced the fuel pump which did nothing. What is strange is that the airplane worked fine for the first 8 months; the EGT was plenty cold at full rich at low altitude. Note that the EGT is very rich/cold at full throttle where the fuel pump is in auto compensation mode so it is not the compensation system.

I have sent reams of documentation (EMAX) to Cirrus and they have thrown up their hands and said “too bad - we cannot do anything about it.” I have to run at 65% power below 4000 feet to feel comfortable the engine is safe. This means the last 20 miles home are very slow and annoying.

If this is a common problem then we need to put pressure on Cirrus to do something about it. Please lets keep a thread going to see who else has this problem and what their experience is. I can tell you replacing the fuel pump does not good.


Attached is a photo of the installation of a JPI-700 in my SR-20. This photo shows where the EGT-CHT guage was relocated to.

Greg was wrong about the value of joining COPA. There are closer to 20 times as many posts in the member’s forum.

The way I read the new POH the CHT guage is no longer a required instrument. I’m thinking of installing a JPI where the existing EGT/CHT guage is - I’ve checked and there is room. Would love emax engine monitoring but rather spend the money flying :wink:


This photo shows the edm-700 in the panel.