Engine monitoring

I have been thinking of installing the JPI EDM-700 engine monitoring package instead of the Arnav unit. I would add an OAT probe and use the 430’s for clocks and the transponder for a count up/down timer.
Advantages are not relying on one instrument for everything and not giving up the situational display space for engine monitoring. Has anybody tried this? Any thoughts?


Walt Conley (owner of production SR20 #1 and, of course, a COPA member) has a JPI engine monitor in his aircraft. You should contact him and ask him to share his considerable wisdom.


Gordon Lewis (gclewis here on COPA) has done this and has a 337 and pictures of the installation. He installed it right into the bolster beneath the panel!

Actually I did install an engine monitor, but it was a GEM monitor (cheaper). It is below the “panel”, but some panels are full and will not easily allow for the installation there. I love the GEM. I looked at JPI, but being a cheapskate I opted for the GEM.