Email Warning!

I just received an email from one of our members that was very upset that I had sent him an email with the subject, “Re. Movie”, that had some sort of attachment connected to it. I did not in fact send this to any member. I think that some type of email grabber has gotten our addresses and is sending out bogus emails in our names to each other.

After having my IT guy check this out, he has found that I too received this email earlier this morning but that our company spam eliminator had blocked it.

This is just a heads up. I’m not sure what to do about it, other than to warn everyone that if you get anything with “Re. Movie” in the subject line delete it.

I received TWO emails, supposedly from members, with ZIP file attachments that of course I did not open. In my case the subject was “Re: Application.”
This may have tapped into an old list, as the email address it used for me is one I haven’t used on the Forum in a very long time.
So, everybody, be careful out there and never open an attachment that you are not specifically expecting. Duh.

This is not a COPA thing but an all-points virus. I’ve received 30 or 40 of them today, varying subject lines but all with the Your_Details.ZIP attachment. Ah virus, ah spam, amazing email works as well as it does.

So far no such e-mails on my end…I’m feeling a little left out. [:(]

Same here.have gotten several “” emails. Norton caught them all but they are out there…be vigilent as always!


I received a strange twist on this – a “Failure to Deliver” notice, also for an email “Re: Application”, also with an attached .ZIP file; that I supposedly sent to another COPA member at 10:44 a.m. this morning.
Only… I sent no such email… so whoever DID send it spoofed my email SMTP info well enough that when it bounce, I got the bounce.
So, I echo your caution: Be careful!

  • Mike.

There is a report on Yahoo about a new virus using spoofed email addresses.


It’s interesting how this thing is attaching itself to COPA members. I just received the “Movie” email on my companies email (it was flagged by our virus software).
I do not list that address on COPA. I’m suspecting that I got it from another COPA member who emailed me (he knows my work email) from his company’s email. (which is not also listed on COPA).
The reason I suspect this is that I have not received any private messages on my companies email in months other than this one.

No harm done.


Bingo! Just got my own “Re: Application.”

At least we know what to look for.

I got the email a few days ago…didn’t recognize the sender or subject and immediately deleted it as a potential virus. So this started early in the week. I don’t remember the sender…could’ve been from a COPA “member” (or a hijacked member’s email address, more likely)…but I do remember it was a zip file and the word “application”.

My very robust anti-virus did not catch or note it as a virus, probably because it was not opened?

Anyway, as we say here on the left coast “cuidado!”…

I’ve received all variations mentioned of this email today. My auto virus scan caught all of them…luckily, I just updated its database this morning!

Hey, could be worse…at least its not Monkey Pox! [;)]

Fly Safe,
~Matt McDaniel
Progressive Aviation Services


If it will make you feel better, I’ll forward one to you. [;)]



I don’t care what they say about you…you sure are the nicest guy in COPA! [;)]

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you sure are the nicest guy in COPA!

Aw shucks! Now you made me blush!