COPA Membership

Wouldn’t it be nice if COPA would send a notice of renewal, rather than me find out that my membership is expired when I can’t log in? Not sure how renewal notices go out but if its by email, there shouldn’t be a problem - COPA members email me no problem via my profile. If its by mail, my magazine shows up no problem so that address is correct…grrrr…


Reminder emails are sent out 60 days before membership expires, and again at 30 days, 7 days and the day of expiration.

These days email spam filters are clever beasts and it’s hard to know what might trigger a particular type of message as being treated as spam. But I bet these reminders ended up with your junk mail.

If you have any way of adding “” to your “whitelist” of trusted email domains, or some other way of helping your spam filter, that might help. Alternatively if you have a different email address, changing it in your profile might result in the messages getting through.



Tim, please check what server actually sends the reminder email messages. For instance, the COPA news comes from and blog comments come from


A reminder also came with my most recent magazine issue.