Elevator Authority - SR22


Has anyone come across this issue before?

My G3 has just come out of its annual…nothing out of the ordinary (except for the cost!).

Since then, I’m finding that I’m unable to stall the aircraft on landing. Landing config 100% flap. The stick goes all the way back to the stop but I still don’t get the stall warning. I’m able to get the stall warning at altitude with 50% flap but havnt tried at altitude yet with 100% flap.

My AMO has checked the elevator travel, trim adjustments etc and all is ok.

Im wondering if a misadjusted flap end-stop might cause ‘this issue (too much flap ie too much nose-down).

Any ideas guys?


It is possible that your center of gravity is forward of the forward edge of the envelope. Put 100 pounds of ballast in the cargo compartment and try again.

Is the problem just that the stall warning horn isn’t going off or do you actually feel like you can’t pitch up as much as you used to be able to?

Stall warning is working when stalled at altitude (50% flap).

As far as the CG issue is concerned…don’t see how that could have changed?

Thanks for the responses!


Probably bugs in the stall horn inlet with partial plug. Give it a suck on the ground or use a syringe of afraid of a mouthful of crap.

Probably some In the pitot system as well perhaps making landing speed slightly off.

I had this issue a few years ago after annual. My AOA, pitot and stall were all partially plugged. SH worked on ground with a suck and wasn’t accurate… landing ended up way slow as airspeed off. Just went by seat of pants and all felt normal.

Took two times to shop to clean them all out and get normal behavior back. Shop didn’t believe me as “working on ground and passed flight check” but I know how it should feel.

I would not use a syringe to suck out the stall warning hole - you risk damaging the switch. If in doubt, get the line blown out by your shop. Sucking by mouth is probably ok since there is a limit to how much you can suck, but it will be ineffective at removing debris unless it is right at the hole.

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Be careful of the amount of such test flying you undertake for troubleshooting. I have a friend who noticed some slight vibration in the controls of his glider. He decided to get a tow to altitude and go a little faster to “find out what it was”. Instead, he found out what it feels like to have an aircraft disintegrate around you and bail out under parachute…

Good point.
I use a medical syringe to test but make sure there is an air leak so there is always moving air suction not a total vacuum.

It’s a good idea to have an idea what is a “normal suck”. When mine was partially plugged I could haul on it with my mouth and make it sound, but normal is just a “kiss” for sure less than a hickey …

Or get one of these real testers.

After dealing with this a few years ago and 2 trips to SC… I now ask that they use blue tape and covers to close off all small holes.

Despite this they “forgot” last annual and it happened again (drop pilot had no airspeed), but was a quick blow out.


Just went through this. I could get the horn to sound AT stall in the air, but not on landing. Shop blew the dead bugs and crap outta the line and all is well. Less than an hour. Suggested I use a PLASTIC golf tee (with an orange ribbon) to plug the hole on the ground. FWIW, my plane has 320 hrs on it and I already had this issue. I hear the G6’s will clog in the rain…


Jeepers…hadn’t thought the stall warning tube could work at altitude but not on landing…odd!
Will give it a suck!
Thanks guys!

I have had this same problem, also starting right after annual last year. Will try cleaning the lines really well. My A&P told me it was a software problem introduced by the update done during the annual and would require a 5 hour software update.

Really??!! I don’t think there’s any software involved in pulling back on the stick and stall warning whistling


I wouldn’t have thought so either. I’ll be discussing with the A&P shortly.

Resurrecting this thread as I’m having a similar problem after annual. Felt like I was running out of elevator authority on my first post annual landing. In my case, the shop adjusted the tension in the elevator cable. Would there be any other adjustments in the cable that could cause this problem?

Dion, did you ever resolve your issue?