Stall warning horn failure

I have a 2013 G5 SR22 . Stall warning horn works on the ground but not in the air at stall speed. I replaced the stall module and still have the same problem. Does anyone have any insight on this issue?

I have the same plane but have no stall warning issues. However I did go though some colder weather with miild iceing and temperatures of -8 degrees and my stall warning iced up. Is this normal seemed to me to be a design flaw?

Do you have FIKI? If not then yes, that is expected (and you have no business being in icing conditions.) If you do have FIKI you should get the stall sensor checked - it is heated so should not ice up.

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Thanks Clyde I don’t have fiki as we seldom have iceing conditions where I live. This did catch me by surprise, did not encounter any actual ice but conditions were not suitable for flying.



Hello friend, under the center console, there is the stall control, inside the finish, it is possible that it has to be adjusted, the adjustment is done with a small screwdriver.

Are you going to a full stall with the break ? And still no horn ?

Or are you by yourself and under gross weight and flying at published stall speed ?

If it’s the latter you just figured out how stall speed is affected by weight. But always the same angle of attack.

Fly it to full stall and stall it (above 2000’ AGL) and note the speed and your weight. Then post back.

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I’ll give it a try and get back with you.

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Did you actually take it to a stall or just “stall speed”

I don’t want to sound too simplistic, but if you have a good noise cancelling headset try taking it off one ear when you practice a stall. Some headsets are pretty good at noise suppression.