N124CD at last.

Wednesday. Tonight at midnight Zulu N124CD and another Cirrus will depart St. Johns Newfoundland to Guernsey in the Channel Islands (situated in the English Channel between France and England) arriving at about 1030Z.

After refueling they will have a flight time of about 2.30 hrs to Groeningen. Guernsey is 45mins from here if I had a plane Iwould go to see them pass by.

Generally the weather will be good for the crossing with 40-70 tailwinds. However as they approach England they will catch up with a double cold front which is the reason they are going South of track to Geurnsey so they descend over water while passing the front to avoid icing.

All being well a friend is flying me to Holland on Sunday a 3.5 hour trip and if all goes well I will return with the plane Monday or Tuesday.

Incidentally the other Cirrus arrived in Holland last Monday after being ferried around the Northern route via Iceland.

I will keep you posted. Robin.

P.S. I am very excited.

Wednesday. Tonight at midnight Zulu N124CD and another Cirrus

Whoo-hooo! Long wait, but it will be worth it.

Do you happen to know the regn. numbers of the other two Cirri ferried/being ferried over?